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To say that I don't love makeup as much as I love movie would be such a vast understatement. I'm a junkie for both and I have no shame about it. If you know me, or at least, read my blog quite often, you know I love Marvel so much. Although I didn't read the comics, I do watch every single movie they have from the worst to the best so far.

A friend of mine told me that The Face Shop, a well known Korean beauty brand released an entire range of their collaboration with Marvel. What did I do? Of course I checked it out! As I did my research, they have from eyeshadow palette, mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks, nail polishes, cushion foundation (of course, we're talking about K-beauty), and complete skin care for men. 

I am so impressed with how speedy this K-beauty brand to adapt their product from one of the biggest comic-movie based imprints. I thought, it should be American's makeup companies. But hey, no hate, I love what they do! I figured, Marvel is also well known at Korea. To be frankly honest, the only product that really catch my attention is the Captain America inspired cushion foundation. The eyeshadow palette is kinda okay, some basic color they have nothing impressive. I'm not a big fan of K-beauty mascara and eyeliner either. I'm basically not a big fan of K-beauty makeup product but I have this urge, no, desire to at least try this range. Even if I didn't like it, the packaging is so darn gorgeous, isn't it? 

Once it came on the mail, I couldn't help myself to open it. Dear God, the packaging is even more beautiful when I have it on my hands! I knew it would be great as I looked on the picture, but, holy moly, this is marvelous! see what I did there? yep. lame. 

Let's talk about the packaging first. It reminds me of Captain Marvel a lot although we don't have the exact symbol of her and this might be isn't it. The perfect portrayal of Captain America's shield: blue, silver, red and star is so charming. I feel like I'm not holding a cushion foundation but a miniature of Capt's shield. It has Marvel original logo on the side, above the click thingy to open it up. When it opens, the full size mirror on the cap, decent size to do close up makeup. The cushion itself is quite small, with white and blue, and of course, Marvel written on the holder. The packaging is so lightweight, I think it'll be handy on your makeup bag for everyday or for traveling. 

The formula is gorgeous as well. Since I got it online, I was a little bit scared with the color. I got shade V201 and thank God, this is basically my natural skin color. Seriously! When I applied it on my jawline for the first time - this is where you should try your foundation to get perfect color - and blend it with my skin, it blended so smoothly, beautifully matched with my natural skin color. The formula they have covers redness, blemishes, and other imperfections that I have without making my skin looks cakey, or even as they claimed, darkening the skin. This is used to be my problem. When I try to cover my imperfections, either it turns out to be darker than my skin color or too bright. With this foundation, I have no more such problem. It is a lightweight foundation, obviously buildable and I think it works either you use the cushion or other tools such as beauty sponge or foundation brush.

It's also surprised me that the finish of this foundation is semi matte, I thought it would dewy foundation but it's not. Once you apply it into your skin, it blends naturally as a matte one without drying your skin. I found out that this foundation has scent and I'm not sure if it's safe or not but my friend told me that most K-beauty products have certain scent. This foundation has SPF50+ but surprisingly didn't flashback on camera. Yes, it's so bizarre! Every foundation that has SPF on it will reflects on flash but this one didn't. I have no idea why and how, K-beauty is basically magic. I take back my doubt, this foundation instantly becomes one of my favorites.

blends naturally on my skin
Now I really wish Marvel to collaborate more with makeup brands to create their own range. Marvel cosmetics sounds really good ;) 

Have you tried this range yet? If so, let me know what do you think and what products I should try next. Thank you for reading! xx 



  2. just found out your blog, it's so calming and addicting. you make everything so easy to understand. great job!

    1. you're so nice. so glad you like it. thank you xx

  3. my god you look beautiful either way

  4. girl you're so beautiful! why you're not famous yet? your blog is so fresh and lovely. love it!!

    1. haha thank you so much cate. you're so nice xx


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