Friday, October 07, 2016


I've been sick for a week now and that's really annoying. I have so many things to do (and yes, so little time!) then I got sick, it's kinda stressing me out even more! But, on the bright side, this is my time to take a rest, stay on my bed all day, right? 

The problem is, if you're someone like me, who likes getting productive and active during days, being sick feels like being isolated. Especially when you're all alone at home, it's even more boring. Hella boring. 

So, what to do when you are sick but bored? Here are some tips from me! 
Sleep. Obviously, either you have fever, cold, cough, stomachache or worse, sleep is the #1 thing everyone gonna say to you, even from me! Sleep deprived is probably the first reason why you're sick. You don't get enough sleep, don't get enough rest, too hard on yourself with school activities or works. So now, get yourself comfortable on your bed, put your blanket or comforter on, and closed your eyes. Get some sleep! 

Relax. Another reason you're sick is because over stressing yourself. Now, forget everything and just thinking about things that makes you happy. I like to listen to music, usually classical or jazz instrumental because it helps me relax. Aromatherapy candle is also very helpful! 

Read. If it's possible, curl up on your bed with a good book. I like to read light book like rom-com genre, just really to help me killing the time so I don't get really bored. 

Watch. If reading is too much for you to handle, then have movie marathon! I like to re-watch Harry Potter movies, or throw myself to Marvel movie marathon. I also like to watch a series or mini series. You know, Netflix and chill? ;) 

Snack time. If you can walk yourself to the kitchen, make a hot tea or hot chocolate before reading or watching. You can also have some healthy snack like fruit, or sandwich

Make a list while you have free time, write down what you need to buy, or things you wanna achieve, or maybe things you wanna change. List is easier than write a journal. But remember, do not over stressing while thinking about it.

Take a bath. Warm water can helps you relax. Turn on the relaxing music, run out the bath with your favourite good smelling shower gel or bubble. Wear a mask, shape your nails. It's your pamper time, honey! 

Call someone. Call your parents, your sibling, your best friend, whoever it is. Call someone who is available and have a good conversation. It helps you to feel better, trust me. 

Last but not least, go to the doctor. If you can't handle it anymore go to the hospital. Don't be your own doctor because it doesn't help you to get better. If you take wrong medicine, you're gonna make things worse. Get some help and follow their advices, eat the medicine properly! 

I hope you feel better! Love, Vera

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