Friday, October 21, 2016


Today I'm gonna talk about my holy grail face mask - well, everyone's actually. Claimed as 'world's most powerful facial', Aztec Indian Healing Clay is seriously a big deal. It is that amazing and I'm so in love. I've been using this mask for almost a year now and I can feel the difference. 

The benefits of this product are very impressive. It reduces pores, acne scars, and tightening your skin. I don't have much skin problem, but I do have whiteheads around my nose and it's a lot less than I used to have before. I noticed my skin is getting clearer.

It is a powder mask, comes in a large safe tube. All you have to do is mix the powder with Apple Cider Vinegar or water. I prefer vinegar because it is easier to blend with the product and also, has more benefit. To mix them together, use plastic container or bowl, and plastic spoon. Stir them together until it becomes paste. Apply gently to you face, avoid eyes area. Wait until 15-25 minutes. 

When you take it off, your skin is going to be a little red but it's fine. Don't worry :) 

It's not an expensive mask but it is definitely worth every penny because it is really works. I highly recommend this mask :) 

Thanks for reading! Xx

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