Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It always irritates me when someone is trying to copy or imitate what I'm doing, what I'm wearing, what I'm saying and stuffs. No, I didn't say I'm so popular and people look up to me, what I'm trying to say, we live in a world where some people admire certain things of you and it becomes such a usual habit for them.

Let's be real. No one wants to live with her/his out-of-sudden-twin, right? 

Especially when it comes to your creativity, something that really matters to you because you're the one who think about it, you're the one who make it happens. Suddenly, these people are letting themselves to copy your creativity. It's never a good feeling. 

I've been dealing with these copycats for years. I try to show my displeasure of their irritating habit through quip but it didn't work. Reality check, it seems like they don't even care if the original person gets angry. Yeah, "You Do You" is totally right but doesn't mean that beautiful phrase teaches you to copy other people and make them angry. 

To be honest, I always get angry when I find out people copy me, such as my style to express my emotion, the way I dress up, the way I talk, my Instagram theme, the way I take pictures, my quotes, and so many things which actually just simple things but for some reasons, it means a lot to me. That's why I get really really angry to those copycats. My creativity has been stolen and I hate that.

For me, originality is very attractive, definition of sexy in some ways.

So, I think, copy other people style, or quotes, or even personality, is not attractive at all! It is so disgusting and I can puke for 12 hours straight!! Too much? No. It is seriously disgusting!

I love talking with people with bunch of creative ideas in their head. I love seeing aesthetic pictures. I love seeing handmade things. I love things that made with originality and love. Somehow, there's something unusual that attracts me to see, to learn about those things. I can say I am a philocalist.

Why those people have to be copycats anyway? 
What is wrong with their own ideas? Their own creativity? 
Why they're hiding their own creativity and standing up for other people's creativity? 

There's a difference between "imitate" and "inspire". So much different! 

imitate /v/ is (1) take or follow as a model; (2) to copy as impersonation; (3) to copy exactly, reproduce; (4) to appear like, resemble. 
inspire /v/ is (1) to affect, guide; (2) to cause someone to have (a feeling or reaction); (3) to be the cause or source of; (4) to stimulate energies, ideals, or reverence; (5) to influence or impel.

See? :)

It's totally okay to get inspiration from other people. We all do! But it is totally NOT okay to imitate other people. It shows that you don't have your own creativity. It's embarrassing, right?

Let's build our own beautiful creativity because we all can do it!

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