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I'm not a big fan of horror/thriller movies. Well, I probably can deal with horror movies with scary creepy ghosts but thriller is really not my thing. I can't deal with murder scenes and stuff like that. My sister, otherwise, is quiet a big fan of those kind of movies. She loves - not, obsessed with thriller movies. We both love watching movies and we both are like identical twins, we almost do everything together so when she wants to watch thriller movie, I watch with her - with my hands covered my face, hardly can tell I'm watching. 

We saw the trailer months ago at theatre and that was an interesting trailer. Somehow, it reminded me of Insidious and The Sixth Sense (well, it is same director with the sixth sense) and I can say I want to see this movie. My sister was so excited to this movie obviously, and I was too. Surprise surprise! 

THE VISIT is just a simple movie title, simple storyline and infamous actors with a great director, M. Night Shyamalan. I remember his works like the sixth sense and signs which are two of my favourites, even he makes horror movies, the way he works is not like other director. He plays with camera and element of surprise which remind me to James Wan. For some reasons, I quiet like the way their technics for the element of surprise rather than some creepy ghosts and sound effect that banging our ears.

The storyline is very simple. Two siblings, Becca and Taylor, visit their grandparents they never saw before and spend a week to know each other. That's it. It is the simplest story ever. Twist, the story turned out those two old people are not their grandparents. The weird old couple with all weird disease and their creepiness that makes this movie scary as hell. 

Nana, the grandma, is the creepiest. The way she laughed, spoke, stared into the camera or to Becca and Taylor who record everything with camera for Becca's documentary movie (or staring into your soul), literally everything she did in the movie is creepy. 

Another creepy character, Pop pop, the grandpa, is like psychopath for me. He acted really weird around gun, axe even a knife. He also had this disgusting habit for keeping his diapers with full of shit. Literally, full of shit. 

But before Nana's and Pop pop's weirdly creepy behaviour, they both are very humble and sweet with a little bit of awkwardness and it makes them so cute! They remind us to our grandparents with all the love. The house itself is so warm and cute, country side type. So they way the slowly change their sweet behaviour to creepy psychopath behaviour made this movie even creepier.

Overall, I like this movie. It doesn't give us too much creepiness with ghost and stuff but it gives us creepiness from Nana and Pop pop. This movie is not too much, everything is just right in place for me. I don't understand why some people really hate this movie. I think if you don't really like horror movies like I do (because it is just unnecessary to make yourself scary all the time so you don't even have time to think about the story), I think this movie is perfect. What scary is not the ghosts or the sound effect, but the story itself. 

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