Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I watched this movie with one of my best friends. The actual plan was actually just ate burgers and talked. I didn't have any mood for movie that afternoon but after saw the cast and the iMDb rating, we finally came to the decision for book the tickets.

The Walk is based on true story from Phillippe Petit on 1974. He walked on wire crossing WTC. I have to say, this guy was insane! He was completely lost his mind because he didn't use any safety. Crap! 

The movie itself is quiet boring at first, it goes really slow with a good amount of humour. It explains Phillippe's dream, how the dream came up on his mind and stuffs. It goes really really slow but with this way, the audience know all the characters. The story goes better and better throughout the time and for some reasons, when I was watching this movie, it felt like I was with Phillippe all the way his ways to achieve his insanely crazy dream. 

The Walk is set up for IMAX 3D movie but poorly, there's no IMAX theatre at the city I lived in and also, we didn't have enough time to watch it in 3D cinema (it's too late for us) so we watched it in 2D but, the perfect amount of CGI effect is our blessing. Even thou we didn't watch it in 3D, but we get a little bit of this 3D effect hype. But still, I think it will be great and perfect if we watch it on 3D cinema. Seriously, below Sony, all of The Walk's effects are amazing! 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays Phillippe Petit greatly! With that cute yet annoying French accent and his disturbing hair and bangs, he did a great job! He is known as one of those amazing actors who never have usual and boring characters on movie he's in. I always amazed by how well his acting in every movie even when he's not the main actor but somehow, his characters are always interesting. 

Another character that really catch my attention is Sir Ben Kingsley who portrays Papa Rudy. Same as Levitt, this great guy is also never have the same or similar characters and always a surprise. Remember how well he is to portray such a drug addict guy on Iron Man 3? He's more than amazing actor for me and I have a lot of respect for him! 

One thing that I don't like is the ending. For me, it hasn't finished yet. So, how's Annie? How's their love story? It's just so annoying that Phillippe just walked her to the cab and let her go. Such an asshole for me. I hate the ending. If I can give any advice, it should ended with Phillippe walked on wire in Central Park or wherever to fill up his punishment. 

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