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I share my how to de-stress tips in my previous post and one of my tips is give yourself once a week a pamper routine. I usually do my pamper routine on Saturday night or even better, Sunday night. 

Q: What is pamper routine?

A: It is a beauty routine that recommended to do once a week. Not your daily beauty routine, but a deep cleaning and relaxing routine.

Without any further do, here's my pamper routine: 

  • Take off the makeup 

I use micellar water in daily basis to take off my makeup. It's great product to remove your makeup also to refresh your face a little bit after hours having makeup. Makeup is great but not for a long time. Micellar water that I use is Maybelline Miracle Water.

  • Deep washing and conditioning the hair 

Average time to wash hair is 5 minutes. Now, really take your time to wash your hair. I like to start it with Pantene Total Damage Care shampoo and put the product in the middle of my hair and working on my way in circular motion from the middle to the top of your head. Wash your hair in this way gives your hair more texture and also, deep washing and cleansing. After washing my hair, I also use the conditioner from the same range and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes. 

  • Scrubbing the body

This is important. Scrubbing your body once a week gives a great benefit to your skin. It removes the dead skin, exfoliate and also makes your skin smoother and softer. I'm using Original Source Daily Scrub Cranberry and Honey because I have a very sensitive skin and I can't using any other hard scrub so I go with this soft daily scrub even thou it's not working as good as normal scrub but it has all of the scrub benefit :) After shower, follow up with moisturising skin with baby oil, just splash baby oil all over your body before you dry up.

  • Shaving the underarms and legs

I like to shave my underarm first then work on my legs. I have sensitive skin and shaving cream is not working on me. It causes redness and itchy all over my skin so, instead of shaving cream, I use conditioner or baby oil to shave my legs and underarm with a Gillette Daisy razor.

  • Exfoliate & Mask the face 

I like to use Mustika Ratu Peeling Mundisari cream to exfoliate and deep cleansing. It makes your face smoother and cleanser. To follow up the routine, I use Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Roots Mask and leave it until dry. 

  • Cut, reshape and buff the nails 

I cut and reshape my nails and also buff it. It helps to grow your nails healthier and even more beautiful shape.

  • Clean the ears

We tend to forger to clean our ears. Put a bit of baby oil in cotton and clean your earlobes and also clean around your ear hole, don't forget to not going too deep. Careful!

  • Moisturises the face and body

Always put moisturiser on your face and body after your shower. I spray Evian Facial Spray on my face then follow up with Clinique Moisture Surge to moistures my face and Cetaphil Body Lotion for the rest of my body if I have dermatitis going on (depend on the weather, it sucks!) or Vaseline Night Repair Body Lotion. Don't forget to put lip balm to moisturise your lips, I'm using L'occitane Shea Butter Moisturising Lip Balm this product is seriously amazing!

  • Reward yourself

Finishing up my pamper routine, I always drink warm tea or hot chocolate on Sunday evening while listening to my favourite songs, reading a book and eating cookie or frozen mango. This is the best way to end the weekend and get ready to start another amazing week! 

How's your pamper routine? 

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