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It's been a long time since I posted my first current playlist tag and TODAY I feel the need to share my current playlist with all of you!

I've been find some new musics - regarding to my strange music choices - and I love it. This might a bit different from my usual playlist, but lately, I can't stop listening to this playlist!

I'm gonna stop bubbling and show you guys that playlist I've been talking about...


Everybody loves this amazing band, who doesn't? This new album is amazing! Every single song is just the addiction and I enjoy this album so much! I think Ghost Stories is like the darker and melancholy side of Coldplay (yeah I'm talking about Chris Martin's break up story), I never heard them this dark before but IT'S AMAZING! I can't find better word than amazing for this album so... whatever this is amazing! My most favorite songs are true love and another's arms

The album artwork is great. It describes the story in this album - the darkness and the gloom. I like the wings in the center of the artwork! It is really standing out while the background is dark. It's like Angel's wings or maybe ghost's wings? I don't know. What I want to say is I really like the artwork. It's super simple but it tells the story well! 


My ginger prince once again makes me wanna dance and sing along every time I hear his songs. I bought the deluxe edition and that's really worth for money. It has 16 cool and great songs and... I can't help to not falling in love again and again to his voice. I wish I can marry his voice :') My favorites are one, sing and photograph

Nothing great about the artwork, it just a plain green and big x in the middle. Well, I know Ed always loves something simple but you know, not this simple even thou it covers the album title. I don't know, I hope the better artwork but I do like this artwork, not to the point where I really like as usual. 


OH MY GOD! Since the first single came out, Maps, I knew this album is gonna be the most exciting album of the year and it is! V is such romantic side of Maroon 5 even thou it has bad broke up songs. I hardly find my most favorite song in this album because you know what, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG for sure!! The feelings that come every time I play this playlist, the imaginations, the ideas. I can say this album is the perfection! I hope Maroon 5 will have their world tour here!!!

The album art is great as usual. I like how the background is blurry and V is clear and bright. The V is like neon light and it's pink! My though is regarding to how romantic and all about love the songs are and usually pink refer to love and cherish. So yeah, whatever, I like the artwork. Oh, tell me about the first single's artwork, Maps, holy crap that's really sweet and ugh!!! It's beyond my imagination that this band would make such a sweet artwork for their song.


Jason Mraz once again proved that he's one of the best male singers in the world! The voice, the lyrics, the music, OH-MY-GOD! I can't find the best word to describe about this album! All of the songs are have deep meaning, passion, courage, gratitude, love, every good feelings that every human being feels. My most favorites are 3 things, it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, best friend and love someone

I don't understand about this album art's story. I mean, what's the story or which song he's refer to, but it is a simple and nice artwork. My theory is he wants to show us freedom (I'm referring to the birds - they fly, it could be freedom). 


I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Since the first single, Parallel came out, I can't stop listening and holy crap! I wish I can marry Kendall Schmidt!!!! - look at that face! - I fall in love with him, with his voice especially when he sings Parallel, Passing Time, Could You Be Home, Everything Has Changed and That's What Makes You Mine. I don't know what spell did he put in this album but holy schmidt I really can't stop and I don't think I will. I play this album in the car, in the bathroom, in my room, in the classroom when I have spare time. Seriously, every time I have time with my phone or music player! 

The only thing that I hate about this album is the artwork. I don't mean to be rude since this is the artwork which he said made by a fan of him on the contest - I do vote for other people who joined the contest but I never saw this artwork, not even once - and he once told the interviewer about the reason why he picked this artwork as a winner because it concluded the story in this album especially the title, happy mistakes. the egg was broken but you know not every mistakes is bad. so why not it's a happy mistake?' But, Kendall Baby, I don't agree. Maybe yes the broken egg is a mistake then the egg is smile (seriously?!) but this is Heffron Drive's first album and you know, you need to give the best first impression. Maybe yes he did make the good first impression for his listener by making Parallel as the first single and it works! but God, this artwork is bad. It doesn't show the story not even close. Sorry for being too straight up about my disagreement :) 


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