Sunday, September 21, 2014


I was cleaning my bookshelves since it was really dusty and I haven't doing this for ages this is embarrassing then I found the very first thriller book I've ever have and read and enjoy and love it so much! 

Yes. I never read this kind of book but this was too tempting at the time when I found it on the bookstore. I read the summary and fell in love in one read! 

I have no idea why I haven't make the review about this book until now, I really don't know. This book is one of my favorite books in earlier 2013 even thou this book out in 2007 or 2008 ck ck very up to date Vera! 

So I pulled it out from the bookshelves and reread it. Seriously, it's been almost a year now I put it off on my shelves and rereading this book is like starting all over again. I gasp, scream and cry every time the cassette is 'played'. 

Anyway, I'm going to stop bubbling and start to share my 13 reasons why I love this book

  1. It is the powerful book with an interesting writing concept. Not also the physical book, but also the audiobook which I listened right after I finished the book. I loved the two voices. 
  2. To be completely honest, I'm not a fan of Jay Asher before but I can say I'm one of his fans after reading this book. This book is shockingly amazing! The story is so sad yet it is really beautiful. Everything is connected. Every word in both Clay's mind or Hannah's tapes, every action, even every way that Clay took. Everything is mixed beautifully! Seriously, this book is one of those books which considered need to be filmed! 
  3. This book is very educational! A one great story to teach about bullying, raping, and the effect of our words and actions that might be can have on others, often without our even knowing. Sometimes we do things that we might be not proud of inadvertently because we all human and none of us flawless but this book casually teaches us how to be more careful and thoughtful to do something
  4. The story is also will really helpful for those people who get bullied at school. I think it will give the strength and the will for them to not giving up on themselves, to standing up. Not to the point that suicidal can solve the problem. It is not at all. In no way I would supporting people to kill themselves! Never! We don't have to face all our problems alone. We have certain people that we trust and we can talk to them. Sometimes, we don't need advice, all we need is to let it out. 
  5. Hannah's story is really makes me emotional. I feel the connection between her and me while I read the tape's part. Like this is the strange connection between me and a fictional character if I can say it that way and I once listened to the whole tapes on youTube while I finished this book last year and it makes the connection grew stronger. I never been in her situation or in one of those people on her list, but I can feel how it felt to be Hannah. How it felt like if the world against me. How it hurt when you finally found someone but you can't stand it. How it felt like to want all of those bad things ended. All because Jay Asher wrote this story in a special way he had and it is really amazing for a grown up adult man wrote the teenage girl's side of her pity life. I don't think someone could do better than Asher. So maybe that's why I have this strange connection with Hannah, it's because Mr. Asher himself. 
  6. I got really emotional when Hannah wants to disappear into the mist, and the decision for the way she wants to kill herself - her difficulty in even saying the word "suicide" in the beginning - it's just unbelievable sad. She's not wanting her parents to find her hanging then thinking about making it look like an accident by crashing a car. It's so emotional!
  7. I also have this strange connection with Clay. I really confuse and fear at the same time with Clay felt the same. It's so torturing to find out 'why I'm on the list?' or 'what I've been doing?' Clay was really afraid for a fact what if he's also guilty as much as other people on the list and this wasn't that simple because you are on the list for reasons behind your schoolmate's suicidal. Crap!
  8. The way Mr. Asher wrote this book is pretty unusual for me and it is also unique. We go through the story with Clay while he is listening to Hannah's tapes. The narration goes back and forth between the tapes and what Clay is doing or thinking. 
  9. Some parts maybe will be very disturbing for underages but really, this story is realistic. This is what really happened behind teenager's suicide.
  10. I never like mystery book before but somehow, this book is so inviting. Like it has a special magic that invites you to read. It doesn't stop there, it still has its magic throughout every page and yet you can't stop reading. The feeling that you wanted to get to its end but you didn't want the story end. Yeah, that kind of shitty feeling.
  11. If this book will be adopted into a movie, I think the best person to play Clay is Logan Lerman. Remember his role on The Perks of Being Wallflower he was so stunning and shining. I think he will gives us the best Clay Jensen 'cause he has that innocent yet charming face but still has the power to intimidate people LOL crazy theory, sorry 
  12. The one who should play Hannah Baker is Shailene Woodley! Why? My theory referred to her role on The Spectacular Now and White Bird in Blizzard. She has Hannah's character - her innocent yet bitchy side. Her voice is also perfect to voice over Hannah's tapes. 
  13. I need to know what happened to the next person who got the box! 

    I seriously recommend this book for those who either like the mystery book or not. Seriously, this book is amazing!


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