Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Sophie Kinsella has proven once again why she's one of the best writers in romance fiction. Amazing! I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Poppy and what was going on with Sam and his company.

Could not put this book down. ahhhh… If I was emotional I’d be crying at the near end of the book, But I wasn’t. So I didn’t. From the first few pages, I feel an instant connection with Poppy!

An antique emerald ring with two diamonds. In a family for three whole generations. So precious it was kept in a special bank vault and Poppy Wyatt lost it. Yes, her engagement ring is lost! SHE WAS PANICKED AND OF COURSE SHE DID!

She found a phone on a trash bin. Someone threw a phone away! She  uses it as her replacement phone, giving the new number out to all her contacts. Unfortunately, this phone belongs to a Personal Assistant of businessman, Sam Roxton. She makes a deal to forward all e-mails and messages to Sam in exchange for temporarily using the number. 

You can really learn a lot about a person by sharing a mobile phone. You can also really judge a person from their inbox too and it's really funny and unpredictable story about Poppy and Sam's lives through this one mobile phone number. 

Those text messages she exchange with Sam… I've no words for it! I wanted to stop the wedding right there and then. Final chapter… Silently fangirls, no doubt!

It's romantic! 
It's hilarious! 
It's memorable!

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