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This movie is really mind-blowing! I never thought a story about two people who are going through a divorce could be such a beautiful love story. It is about divorce, while in the process of separating, these people managed to stay as a family in a way that none ever thought it would be possible. 

I never had a divorce, so I don't know any of this process nor I understand it. I haven't married, yet. So, again, I don't understand what it feels like to be truly in love, married your loved one, and then separated. This movie helped me understand the divorce and how you actually feel about it. In a way, this movie makes me reflect back to my last breakup, which is a catastrophe, and I can relate to both characters' feeling. 

Back in 2010, we got to see Blue Valentine, which was really good as well, however, that movie showed you mostly about the caused and the fight on both parties while Marriage Story is more like the process, the feeling, and the healing. I'm sure the divorce process will be different in each country, the legal process must be adapted from the country's own laws. But, the point is, this legal process is really exhausting both mentally and physically, which also expensive. As if you don't have time to grieve, or to think through once you decided to get a divorce. 

The centre of the story is both characters. We get their own time equally and that's a really beautiful way to show how you can't decide who's the villain and who's the victim here because they both have the ups and downs that you actually can relate or at least, imagine and understand what it feels like to be them. How real and raw the characters are as if we watch two real people talk or even fight. 

This story makes us, audiences, feel and understand because of the power of both actors' acting. This is simply the best acting I've seen this year. Adam Driver who played Charlie and Scarlett Johannsson who portrayed Nicole. I don't remember when was the last time I was this awed by how an actor or actress act on the screen. If the awards don't recognise and appreciate this level of acting, I don't know what the awards want. 

Have you seen Marriage Story yet? It's available on Netflix since December 6th! 

Love, Vera

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