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The Princess Saves Herself in this One - Amanda Lovelace
Haha yes, very cheesy title. And no, I did not watch the movie. So, guess by the title you know that I also read and love poems. I wouldn't say I read a lot of it but there are some of my favourite books that really put me into perspectives. 

The Princess Saves Herself in this One - Amanda Lovelace 
I found this poetry book back in Melbourne, mid last year. I was battling depression from the abusive relationship and grieving my late-Uncle and late-Grandmum. I always hear nothing but great things about Lovelace and had read some of her poems in the past, but specifically, this book came to my life at the right time. So maybe that's why it is my most favourite poetry book because it holds a special memory when I was trying to get hold into myself. 

This poetry book has several sensitive materials such as abuse, self-harm, trauma, suicide, death, and more. It is scary at first to read and at some point, she speaks my mind. She wrote what I had in mind, and it felt so good to know there's someone writing what's in your head and made you felt less crazy. 

There are four main contents in this book: the problems, the suffering, the overcoming, the freedom. I love it so much! I feel like she has a way with words that to make her readers feel the empowerment and the freedom she felt. 

Hujan Bulan Juni - Sapardi Djoko Damono 
I have no words to explain how Sapardi's words turned my whole life upside down. I would never think there was one man with his poems could do such a thing. He was a respectively one of the greatest Indonesian poets. His poems always loved and so often become material for poetry analysis in classes. 

Personally, his poems always open up my mind on life, love, people, and world, basically. I fell in love with his poem on my first year of uni and it changed my life. He didn't use pretentious words, he used common words and it hit me. It hit me and reached to the point when I realised I was living in a wrong storyline so I left. 

Again, the poem has a way to help to get through life. 

The Essential - Rumi 
This book teaches me how to think deeper and further without making it overdoing. Rumi has his own way to put your mind into perspective and give you touch with our surroundings and also with ourselves.

I think, spiritually this book helps me a lot. It's not talking about a certain religion but whatever your belief is, I think you will still understand the life, afterlife, and who are we belong to. Or even if you do not believe in God, you're going to enjoy this book still. This is a beautiful piece of art, written. 

Smoke & Mirrors - Michael Faudet 
I mean, who doesn't? Reading Faudet's poem is always magical. You can be happy when you shatter inside or you can be crying so hard when you're over the heels. It's his magic and I'm down with every magic he has in the future. 

I love every book he published but this one, again, holds a special memory. My best friend, Zain, gave me this book on my birthday last year. Poem is one of many personal things and not many people talked about it. If I'm not wrong, I don't think I've ever told him that I like reading poems but universe proved that even when you didn't talk about it when you know someone is the right person, you know. Since that day, I know he's the right person to run to when I have dark clouds cover my days. 

The Dark Between Stars - Atticus 
His poems gave me different feeling from other poems. As if each poem sparks new thought, or pulls back old, locked memories. It was a great journey to read this book. It wasn't like... mind-blowing poems, or overtly original, but it was so related to our lives and we do need something that actually related, you know? 

Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur 
This book helps me to heal from my trauma and understand why it happened to me. Her honest words are really touching my sentiment. I read on some articles, Kaur was brutally honest when she wrote this book. She was writing from her experience and as a reader, I felt that. However, I did not see this as a poetry book, or maybe I was wrong, but still a beautiful piece to read and to calm you down. 

Do you have any poetry book you like? 

Love, Vera

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  1. Good list!
    My favorite poetry book this year is Amanda Margareth's Museum dan Kita.
    Have a read!!


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