Sunday, July 29, 2018


Last Tuesday, I went to a workshop held by this amazing shop called Kikki-K. The topic is honestly the first thing that made me booked myself in. It was about Happiness. For the past two to three months, I was not feeling happy as I'm supposed to be. I wasn't happy about myself and the way I think, wasn't happy with my relationships with people, how they talked to me, how their words hurt my feelings, and how I treat myself. More than that, I wasn't happy because I was focusing on something that made me unhappy. 

So, a few days before the workshop, I stumbled on the shop when I was strolling around the mall after bought myself flowers. Without a doubt, I knew myself wanted to go but that day, I wasn't sure if I could or could not go because of the meeting and work stuff. After made sure I'm all good to go, I called the shop again and booked myself in. 

My motive to come to the workshop is because I know I wasn't happy, so I need someone or something, that could help me to find my way into the happiness again. And I thought this workshop might be great. 

It was. 

I made a right decision. It is also true meaningful events are no coincidence.

This workshop taught me to focus on things that make me happy and know how to change the slide when things that make me unhappy visited my mind (because yes, it is real and everyone has that experience every now and then). Also, taught me how to be more organised in the way of my thinking and how to process my thoughts and make them real. More than that, it taught me how to value and appreciate myself. I always know that self-love is important but lately, I wasn't treating myself well. I wasn't getting my priorities right.

It is true that it's good to put others above ourselves, but you also need to know what to expect, when to stop and how to value yourself because happiness comes from within.

Your job is to make yourself happy.

The workshop consultant, Sue Glasser, she's an amazing lady! Her explanation was very easy to understand, made the hard things sounded a whole lot easier to achieve. I also met three other amazing ladies and I felt like, we came with similar reasons. When we shared each other stories, goals, and perspectives, I felt like my weight slowly lifted up one by one. I never talked about my battle with depression and anxiety out loud, not to strangers of course, but at that workshop, I just told them and that was easy and I knew, I talked in a right place, time and situation. I knew they understand and they would not judge me.

Happiness is about those moments you find in your journey to your destination. 

What I learned from Sue, the other three ladies, and the workshop itself, happiness is focusing on yourself. Don't worry about your past because your past doesn't define you and take it easy on your future. Always be more in the moment you are now. You are the architect of your life, you are the one who owns it so no matter what people said, be yourself and create a life you want to live happily. 

Happiness starts with you. Take as much as time you need to learn how to love yourself. Baby steps even if you need to. No need to rush. The most important thing about self-love is to begin. I start giving myself rewards for everything I've done nicely. For example, if I eat a healthy breakfast every day in a week, I'll buy myself flowers. Simple, nice thing. Like Sue said, start to focus on things that make you happy. 

Here are some snaps I took at the workshop!

with Sue! 

Love, Vera


  1. Thank you so much for the mention in your blog Vera. It was so good to meet you and I am so glad to hear so much we shared in the workshop resonated with you. You are a wonderful, caring and warm person and it was a privilege getting to know you. With much l♥ve and gratitude. Sue Glasser


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  2. Thank you so much, Sue. I learned so much at the workshop. Looking forward to learn more on next workshop! Xx


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