Monday, December 25, 2017


how to make sure that I truly fall in love with this person and not the idea of the love I always want? 

I am in no way an expert in love-life, but I'll try my best to differentiate the idea of love and truly being in love with someone. 

Personally, I believe it's because the culture obsession #relationshipgoals that makes us confused of what we really feel. The idea of having so many people obsessed with your relationship, getting praise for being super cute, romantic, and literal goals with our boyfriend/girlfriend, and make people jealous is probably fun way to live. I mean, it must be one of many things of being human that makes us feel proud. 

Not only the whole term of relationship goals, but also the false expectation of love and relationship in general that makes people forget and caught up with the idea of falling in love, not with the person, not with the feeling. 

It's a scary thought, isn't it? 

When we're talking about love, none could explain it rightly. It's an incredibly complex but honestly, in my perspective, we all know how we truly feel. There's no way we can lie to ourselves.

The best way I can explain the difference between just in love with the idea of love and truly being in love with the person is if we keep looking for someone better, it's not true love. 

Because, when you're in love with someone... 

You want this person at their best and worst. There's no urge to change them as how YOU want them to be. In fact, you want this person to evolve as better person because this person helps you to evolve as better, happier person. 

You're not dreaming of better date or expect them to be even more romantic because this person already makes you happy right now. 

When things get tough, you and this person work together as couple, not as individual who only support each other as a mutual friend. Everybody can say be strong but not everyone can giving their power to make other people strong. You don't want to end your relationship because things get tough, but you want both of you working on it because the relationship you both have worths to fight.

Being in love with someone, you can't explain why you love them because you love them as they are. 

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