Monday, April 10, 2017


Back in 2014, I wrote a 13 Reasons Why book review and was hoping it made it to the big screen. This is one of my favourite books, no doubt. I even thought about who played who. That's how much I wanted to see this book came into screen.

Dreams do come true, right?

2017... instead of come into big screen, the story of Hannah Baker comes into Netflix with 13 episodes which even better than movie! 

I am never be this thankful to Netflix for bringing this show into the world, perfect time to show what it feels like, what if looks like to be bullied, to be raped, to be broken home. Bullying, raping, drugs, are not new issues for us. They've been here for so long and none ever really spoke or showed us the effects. 

Why now is a perfect time? I think, 2017 supposed to be the year of change. We should change to be better, stronger, and more independent. It's not too late. Good things never come too late. 

The show. The series. Hence, it is Netflix's best series this year I think. It is not original story by Netflix, of course, it is based on the book written by Jay Asher. But to be able to adapt such a powerful story, being truthfully following the story line, being so authentic about what really happens in real life. 

High school never looked so messed up here. In this series, high school students cursed, a lot, yes, just as real as here in this world. Well cursing is not the only bad thing happens in high school. The bullying is rather harsh and often, somewhat obscene. The uncensored brutal rape scenes, and a very horrific and wrenching suicide scene by the lead character. 

13 Reasons Why works at its best because of the page turner mystery, centered in Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) from Clay Jensen's (Dylan Minnette) perspective. This is not your typical high school drama, this is about engaging mystery about who did this, why did this, and how. Another well-acted, well-directed, well-served impactful story. 

I think this show deserve to be seen by everyone in this world - regardless what kind of genre they prefer. Either you have of haven't read the book, I'm positive you will be moved and feel significant feelings afterward. There's a rumor about second seasons, but for me one season is amazing enough to deliver powerful messages to the viewers. Either way, just watch the show, read the book, and be kind. 

Thanks for reading! xx



  1. Aku nonton ini marathon sampe subuh XD belom sempet baca bukunya sih. Well, IMHO is ceritanya bagus, but not good enough to raise suicidal awareness. Okay, ada 13 alasan kenapa Hannah itu bunuh diri, and then what's next?

    And it's good to see Kate Walsh as Olivia Baker. Been adoring her since her first appearance in Grey's Anatomy.

    1. coba baca novelnya faaaaa, I think it explains more


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