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If you're not familiar with this movie, well I guess you're not alone. Stoker, directed by Park Chan Wook is somehow an underrated movie which is kinda sad because this is actually a really good movie! For years as being movie lover, I haven't heard many people talk about this movie. I came to conclusion, it's not a movie for everyone. 

This is a story about a fairly odd family. Centered in India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska) who just lost her father, Richard Stoker (Dermot Mulroney) on her eighteenth birthday in a weird car accident. On the day of his funeral, India met Charlie Stoker (Matthew Goode), her uncle who she never knew existed. The actual story began once Charlie lived with India and her mother, Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) which strange things occurred. 

For me, I think this movie is one of masterpiece movies. So well directed, well acted, has an amazing original soundtrack that really bring up the artistic and darkness side to the movie. It's known that Park Chan Wook is no stranger to controversial theme. It has disturbing explicit scenes like obscene bullying, sex scenes, and murder. It packed with art, seriously. 

The story line is brilliant. It is one of those movies which is disturbingly beautiful. I understand not everyone likes this particular story but in my perspective, this is a hypnotic, dark, and poetic movie. We get to see some flashback scenes to give us background knowledge about the whole story and to be able to pull the strings together. 

I like how the director made us to guess about this Uncle Charlie who is very charming and seductive, but has a mysterious and seems like an evil plan. Charlie is a character that really makes us want to love so bad for being super nice, handsome and mysterious but as the story goes, we really hate him for what he did in the movie. Near the end of the movie, I really don't know whether I love him or really hate him. Guess, you wouldn't know too. This is might be my most favorite Matthew Goode's movie. He really put his best in this movie, like we can't recognize him for most parts, like a whole different person. I don't see Matthew acted Charlie Stoker, what I see is Charlie Stoker and that's all. What an amazing performance! 

On the other side, India is a very interesting character. She has this manner and for a teenage girl, who supposed to be youthful, I see her as more mature, even too mature for her age. She's odd. Everyone in this movie is, but India specifically is very odd, twisted and somewhat sinister but at the same time so innocent. Mia Wasikowska is a perfect person to tell us story about India. She was 23 years old at the time they shoot the movie but her figure makes her perfect India. She's very underrated actress, I think. I mean, she's great actress, always choose so many different characters. 

Another amazing performance is of course, Nicole Kidman. She's one of my favorite actresses. She portrayed Evelyn who is a very unique character: an unstable grown woman, with so many desires about her life and her dreams, seduced by her late husband's younger brother and yet, seems to hate her own daughter for no reason. Nicole is no doubt an amazing actress but in this movie, she is like put her acting game really strong. 

There are so many amazing, artistic scenes in this movie but my most favorite scene is when India and Charlie played piano together. I think it shows so many emotions from both characters. Charlie is being seductive and truthful on his feelings and India is feeling aroused. It's kinda eerie, I have to say. But with great piano skills, beautiful song, their feelings has been explained and as an audience, I understand it. That's really weird but really.

I think this movie deserves better appreciation so that's why I bring this up again, thou it's been four years since it came out. This is a movie with an original, dark and poetic story, visually beautiful and attractive, amazing performance and very well directed. I think this movie is phenomenal. 

I love this movie so much, I even bought two copies of this: a digital on my iTunes and the DVD because I want to have this movie everywhere. Like when I'm traveling, I can play it on my iPad, or my phone or my laptop but when I'm home, I make myself a good home theatre because it is that great.

Have you watched this movie? If so, let me know what do you think! Thanks for reading. xx

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