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Greeting all Sherlockians out there! 

I thought today I want to solve cases because now that the long awaited series 4 is finished, I think it's the best time to share everything so we don't get death threats. Alright, shall we begin? 

A little disclaimer, all theories are mine. If there's mistake, that's on me. Maybe I missed some things. Also, this post might be very long.

Ep.1: The Six Tatchers 

This series officially began (some people like said that The Abominable Bride is part of series 4 but honestly, I think it's part of special episodes) just few minutes, I think around four or five minutes after the private plane took off, it even barely flew. We heard that 'did you miss me?' craziness, Sherlock came back and kinda "worked" to Government or maybe had a meeting with Government because we saw he was sitting in a room with Mycroft, Lady Smallwood and others. 

I think, this is great to kick off the series after making fans wait for so long. The fresh but yet related to previous episode, it's brilliant. His Last Vow was making fans crazy but now that we see him comes back, same story but at the same time it feels fresh, great! 

Shelock's character development is also key point. We see he becomes softer, less arrogant, also treats his friends better, it builds his friendship even more greater. Sherlock, John and Greg friendship becomes deeper. I like it a lot, for me, after years and years him and John and Greg being friends, they both kinda affect him in good ways. He also has a weirdly funny sense of humour now.

His friendship with Mary is also adorable. Although she shoot him, lied to his best friend, but Sherlock didn't care. He knew she is the right one for John and he made a vow to protect John's little family (His Last Vow). Mary looked up to him as a big brother because she knew, Sherlock is a good person deep down in his heart, and he capable to protect John Watson.

But, things have been rough with John. We used to see him as a good man, with all good things and habit and stuffs, but it doesn't always happen, right? The development John has was actually not nice ones. First, he was flirting. It 's okay if he wasn't married and didn't have a daughter. The woman who called herself E then later we figured she was Eurus (we'll get to that part later) just smilling. Okay, it was her plan but the point is he also interested in her and doubted either he was going to throw her number away or not. He doubted about that. Then later we saw he ended up texting her and I'm not sure how many texts have been exchanged but I assume it was intense. Because John later said he was cheating. 

Mary's past once again revealed, deeper. A.G.R.A wasn't her initials, but her team's. She was Rosamund Mary,. But I don't understand who were they, really? and also, who they worked for? 

There's one little and simple question left in me, who is Lady Smallwood's real name? Is is Alicia or Elizabeth? It's a bit confusing, really. 

Like Gatiss and Moffat didn't want us have happy ending, Mary died in this series to save Sherlock. It feels like a grenade when she said 'we're even' as she wasn't refer to 'I shoot you once' thing thou she mentioned it, but 'you saved me once and now it's my turn' thing. All hails the feels. We saw how broken John was, how mad he was to Sherlock for being failed on protecting his family. It's too much to handle, honestly.

By the end of the episode, we happened to know that Sherlock went to psychiatrist which is something he usually didn't do. It was John's thing. Sherlock felt he was failed to protect John's family, he failed so many people and even himself. He was hard on himself. It's a heartbreaking moment (well, for me) to see someone who thought he could do everything by himself, knew about everything and there's a moment when he failed one person and the world tore him apart. He even said 'I didn't know what to do' and it wasn't him. He always knows everything. 

Few minutes before this heartbreaking episode ended, Sherlock found a cd in his mails, with 'miss me?' written. At first, I was like 'there's no way Moriarty crawled up from his grave!' but then, Mary appeared on the screen. Honestly, I feel so relieved but also disappointed a bit. Let's be honest, we do enjoy having Moriarty on the series, don't we? This moment also left me a question, Mary is dead. So, who sent the cd? 

I think this episode is about relationship and friendship, the case that Sherlock solved was also an explanation about Mary's past.

"You were my whole world."

Ep.2: The Lying Detective

John saw new therapist. Not a new thing, right? We knew he saw lots of therapists and none of them seemed enough to help him. He never came back from war, he missed it. Mary died and stayed away from Sherlock were hard on him. He even let Molly took care of Rosie because he couldn't always cope, he said. 

John still seeing Mary everywhere. He imagined her talking to him, saying things. For me, it isn't John can't believe Mary is gone and let her go but Mary is his conscious. His knowledge of what's good, what's better. 

Sherlock is broken. He's on drugs, he got high. His apartment is a mess. His deduction is all over places. Even when he tried to analyze the fake Faith Smith at his apartment, it wasn't unclear. Then he realized something, took her out for chips, talked about her case which is Mr. Smith wanted to kill anyone. Sherlock's deduction on the paper, and also, multi-tasked on created a 'fuck off' on maps. How clever! 

He missed one thing. He missed that it wasn't Faith Smith who came to his apartment, but someone else. Although he actually true on deduction: 
  • living in isolation 
  • no human contact
  • suicidal 
  • no visitors 
We later figured, John's new therapist, E and fake Faith Smith are actually one same person, Eurus Holmes. The secret sister as John said. Eurus is living in isolation with no human contact, no visitors and has so many scars (we'll get to that later). 

Sherlock once again missed it. He saw John's therapist when Mrs. Hudson drove him to her place with a badass car and badass driving skill (this scene made me laugh so hard!).

This episode's case is driving me nuts. Culverton Smith is literally Jim Moriarty 2.0, he hates everyone, wants to kill anyone. Thou we kinda figured how dangerous he might be, we didn't see much about him. He just gave threats, tried to kill Sherlock, and that was just it. I was hoping to see more troubles than that.

One question: how did John escaped from Eurus?

"Why does everything have to be understandable?"

Ep.3: The Final Problem 

Two minutes began and I was already in shock. That ghostly experience at Mycroft's house: the little girl, that darn creepy voice, those painting which were bleeding (well, I have to admit, it was too much), and that CLOWN! For the love of Sherlock, that was really scary!

Then, "Hey, bro!" suddenly happened. It was a little bit uncomfortable, but hey... that's not the point. A whole prank was just to prove that there was the third Holmes sibling. a sister whom Sherlock completely erased her from his memories.

This episode, we got almost every question we had. Let's start with Eurus Holmes. 

Fast forward, Mycroft told the whole story about Eurus which apparently hard for him because the memories were disturbing like he said because guys, the story was really frightening because at age 5 Eurus Holmes was:
  • cutting herself only to see how her muscles worked 
  • couldn't differentiate which pain was 
  • drew bunch of disturbing drawings of her brothers 
  • thought and planned to kill Sherlock's best friend (probably not killing but separate in a very horrific way) and threw or pushed him to a well 
  • burned the house
She was highly intelligent, beyond Newton, as Mycroft said. Her brain was a highly functioning one even when she's only a little girl. I mean, age 5?! Long story short, she locked up in a high technology prison slash mental institution called Sherrinford. Yes, it was a place not a person.

We've been thinking about Sherrinford since SDCC 2016, where Ben held a paper with 'Sherrinford' written on it. We thought it was going to be the fourth Holmes sibling and thought Tom Hiddleston should've been cast (because that darn line 'people stop counting on three' that made us believed our theory was true).

Sherlock was very angry and hurt. He was traumatized with what Eurus have done. He even told himself a better story. Redbeard. He wasn't his dog. He was his best friend, a real person named Victor Trevor. Redbeard was Victor's pirate name and Sherlock used to be Yellowbeard. Victor was Sherlock's first best friend. That was why, ladies and gentleman, that was why Sherlock didn't believe in friends kinda thing.

Some people said Moriarty influenced her to do this whole final problem during her Christmast gift 'five minutes unsupervised chatting with Jim Moriarty' but I think, Eurus was the planner and Moriarty just helped her. Those five minutes just her plan to make sure that she could count on him sort of way. She wanted everything perfect as she planned.

It was Eurus who influenced him, reprogrammed Moriarty to run her evil plan. I wouldn't say it wasn't Moriarty fault, because he wasn't her victim. The way she influenced Moriarty was different with how she enslaved all guardians, even the Governor at Sherrinford. My theory, they talked like friends - friends with benefit. Moriarty's obsession with Sherlock, met Eurus' anger... bam! The mass destructive to all of us.

Every Moriarty's actions led to Eurus just like she said, "I'm the final problem" because she wanted Sherlock to solve his own problem: the sister she never remembered and of course, Redbeard. As we know, Redbeard was Sherlock's comfort zone. Every time Sherlock felt nervous, angry, hurt, in his mind, he always looked for Redbeard. Even Mycroft knew that - remember when Sherlock randomly called Mycroft on John's wedding day right before he had to give his best man speech? Yes. Mycroft said, "Sherlock, do you remember Redbeard?" that time, we weren't sure or not understand what the point was. Now, I knew, Mycroft said that because he knew even the word could calm his little brother. Feeling that roller coaster sentiment yet?

One thing that I'm not quite understand, why Eurus said 'Redbeard' when she and Moriarty stared eyes to eyes?

So many people hate this episode, I think this is brilliant! Although it wasn't perfect, but it was great! Those surprises, mind-blowing Eurus' puzzle: the little girl on the plane, the three Garridebs, and even that 'I Love You' which absolutely broke my heart into pieces to see Molly cried like that and to see how hard it was for Sherlock to say that. We already saw how Sherlock would do anything to solve cases, he even proposed Janine only to come into Magnussen's office. So we did know Sherlock didn't think other people's feeling. But Molly? He did know. Congratulations, Sherlolly shippers. You're right ;)

I have to say this might be one of my most favourite episodes, and absolutely my favourite season. Personally, this season showed us a very deep and emotional character development on Sherlock. Back in season 1, he completely ignored Mycroft. He didn't have feeling at all toward other people: said what he wanted, acted like he wanted. He was completely jerkface. Now, after so many years we've been through (yes, literally), Sherlock changed.

He wasn't the man we used to know. He had feelings, his relationship with people was getting better and better. He knew how to act and what to say and even... he accepted John talked to the wall (thou what John saw was Mary). If it wasn't such a great character development, I didn't know what it was.

Another surprise we got, the coolest appearance from Moriarty. That cool-dad dance when he stepped out from the helicopter, holy-moriarty, that was very down street and so relatable! Guys, I thought he wasn't dead but then... 5 years ago. I swear, I want to throw patience grenade to my TV screen if I had any. Admit it, you do miss Moriarty, don't you? He was like... Voldemort's and Dementor's only son. Best TV villain ever.

But, as much as I love this series. I have so many questions.
  1. Who is Uncle Rudy and what did he do? 
  2. How did Sherlock, John and Mycroft (and Mrs. Hudson) survived patience grenade? (like really, HOW) 
  3. Who A.G.R.A originally worked for? 
  4. How many texts have been exchanged between John and E? How intense it was? 
  5. Why Lady Smallwood knew about Eurus? and for God's sake, who is her real name? (Alicia? Elizabeth?) 
  6. Who sent Mary's cds? (she's died and there's no way she sent it from her grave nor she sent it before it happened) 
  7. Why Eurus said 'Redbeard' to Moriarty when they met? What was it about that dance thing-y between them?
  8. Why Mycroft Holmes thought it was a good idea to give Eurus five minutes unsupervised with Moriarty? 
  9. Who built Sherrinford? and where is the exact location? 
  10. Who help Eurus after Moriarty died? 
  11. Why Holmes' Musgrave house has fake graveyard?
  12. Where Mrs. Hudson parked her car? and who taught her drive like that? (I laughed my ass off during the scene!)

"There is a last refuge for the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted. There is a final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope."

If you're reading this, I can't stop thanking you for patience with me. This might be the longest review I ever write and also the hardest I've ever done.

Thank you for reading! xx

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