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Hello, everyone! 

One of the most anticipated movies, Suicide Squad, came out a couple weeks ago. I was watching this comic adaption movie with my sister and my best friends, needless to say, we all are literally addicted to movie. It's always a good time to watch movie together with movie addicts, right? 

First of all, I'm quiet impressed with the trailer and its rating on that time. I mean, come on, 9.3 on IMDb when the first trailer came out? That was insane! 

Second of all, the tagline, Worst Heroes Ever. It should attracts you at some points right? When you watch the trailer, and start to look up all informations, this tagline is really gets me! I mean, how bad they are? and how is it possible for bad guys - technically criminals, to be heroes? Right? 

So, how I feel after watching this movie? 

I'm going to be honest, well, I always share my honest review, am I not? 

When I watched the trailer for the first time, I was impressed. I never thought DC Comics could make a movie like this. Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy somehow make me pictured DC that complicated, mature, and dark image. Less humour (we barely heard any), roller coster of feelings, and intense. I don't know if anybody else felt, but that's how I feel. 

Suicide Squad is not intense, not complicated, not dark at all. Instead, it is a full colour, more humour, and easy to guess. Cheap.

I'd rather pay to watch the trailer than the movie, honestly. 

The cast is amazing. This movie have Viola Davis, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Letto, Joel Kinnaman, Jay Hernandez, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne, and many more. The casting list is amazing and to be fair, this is the reason why Suicide Squad is in the top 5 highly anticipated movie in 2016. 

But, personally, I don't see their huge performance at all. We can barely see their character potential. I'm not saying we don't see those at all, we can see Will Smith's Deadshot and a bit of his background, how he once interacted with Ben Affleck's Batman for like 5 seconds (speaking of connected universe), we see Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn madness with Jared Letto's Joker, but for me, it isn't enough. We don't get the main picture of who they are. Like, how important they are to the story except they are good at being bad. 

Will Smith served us with his amazing performance as usual, he killed it. He owned his character so deep but again, it's not enough. On the other hand, there's cringe worthy in Harley Quinn's flashback, which she fell in love with Joker and his madness, and felt for his psycho-self, became mad as well. Okay, Margot Robbie is hella sexy woman but it is necessary to make her Harley Quinn is a sluty-whore character? You don't have to make her barely wearing anything to make a sexy character, right? 

Speaking of Joker, we barely see his performance. His appearance is not memorable whatsoever, I don't mind if he didn't exist in this movie because he doesn't matter to the story. I thought Joker would play biggest - well, at least bigger than this, but he didn't. He's like YouTube ad you always want to skip because it doesn't do any good to video you want to watch. That's really pity, because we all remember how hype it was when we found out Jared would play Joker and he dyed his hair green. Like, Jared known for his amazing commitment to each character he gets. And our mind is already pictured how bad and mad Joker was because of Heath Ledger's performance. 

Rick Flag, our Joel Kinnaman, is a handsome, slay guy. But when it comes to his girlfriend, he is so weak. Why? I want to see strong, gentle, big hearted soldier. Not strong and weak hearted soldier. I want him to be a perfect leader for the squad, who can separates his duty and his personal problem wisely. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to see him that way. And then we have Jay Hernandez's Diablo, the man of fire, who has the most powerful power inside but such a pity, we only see his huge performance for maximum 5 minutes, apart from that, he is nobody. Ck what a waste! 

The others are not really memorable. Boomerang, the Killer Croc, even the head of this whole Suicide Squad idea, Viola Davis' Amanda Waller. They're just present and nothing much, nothing memorable. We get to see a bit of Batman, but not even trying to be present. Even Ezra Miller's The Flash is there but for one second like he's only flashing and be ridiculous. 

Considering how weak and awful the main villain in this movie, Enchantress and her out of nowhere brother, we feel so many regrets. Why Joker is not the main villain? (he barely a villain in this movie, thou). It's a shame David Ayer, the director, didn't make the Joker is a primary antagonist, or at least, the head of the evilness of Enchantress. I don't see how threatening and powerful Enchantress and her brother are. I only see them as supernatural creature with supernatural power, came out from Mummy's movie. 

The majority of the movie is amazing effects and fun but not amusing scenes. There are lots of action scenes but it isn't something we want to see. The humour is cute, well, funny but nothing smart. It's awful even. This is like a nerd, awkward freshman who tries to make a joke but it came out badly. 

With hidden-huge competition between DC and Marvel this year and yet, one of them is already completely lose the battle. You know which one it is. Suicide Squad is not my favourite comic adaption. It isn't my favourite DC movies, even. This not worth for the hype, too overreacting I think.

Suicide Squad is not a my typical summer movie choice, tbh. It is fun but not amusing, not even satisfying. It is okay, but really not something I would recommend. This is obviously not a great DC movies, reminds me a bit of Green Lantern but to be completely, deeply, honest, I prefer Green Lantern. Well, this movie has good soundtrack at least. 

Thanks for reading! Xx

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