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Hello, everyone! 

I was re-watching some of my favourite movies few days ago like Disney movies, cheesy romance movies and even The Twilight Saga. I like to re-watch because it kinda brings back some memories that I had in the past. 

Then, I just realised I never wrote review. How could I? Those clearly written on my favourite movie list! So, I decided to make this Throwback Movie series (finger crossed I constantly writing!) because why the hell not? ;) 

Without any further do, here's an episode 1 of Throwback Movie. Enjoy ;) 

Romance - drama movie about love and friendship has always been my favourite type! I love how friendship becomes relationship, I love how girl - boy friendship always been complicated. I love those kind of movies, period. 

Love, Rosie is one of them. 

Rosie at the beach, watching Greg and Katie were playing
Begins with Rosie (Lily Collins) sobbing at the wedding, then later on flashing back to 12 years earlier when everything started: Rosie's 18th birthday. She and Alex (Sam Claflin), her very best friend kissed before she fell on the floor. She was drunk. She never remember that sweet kiss but Alex did. The next day, she told him to forget and never talk about it ever. What she meant, all embarrassing moments of hers, she was being drunk and behaving badly, not their kiss because she didn't remember. What Alex understood, everything that happened yesterday including their little kiss. A fatal misunderstanding. 

Alex was getting ready for prom at Rosie's house
For me, personally, the script was written really good. It wasn't something that highly romantic like The Notebook (should I put it on this series' episode list?), wasn't something that pretentious or literature kind of movie. It had right amount of smart humour, relatable teen drama such as party, teen sex, unpredictable pregnancy, and abortion but also, it had so many lessons like never stop believing and working on our dreams. It also had some golden lines to think about. One of my favourites was a line from Rosie's mom, Alice (Ger Ryan), "a woman's body doesn't become public property because she's pregnant".

Alex and Rosie when they were at the garden
The chemistry between actors were very important and this movie had it. The friendship between Rosie and Alex was the most important, of course it was because this movie was all about them! I think Lily Collins and Sam Claflin had it. Their chemistry on-screen (and off-screen too!) was very believable. Made us felt how Alex and Rosie felt, very relatable. Made you falling in love easily with them!

Rosie and Ruby, her best friend, taught Katie to bike
Rosie's life had changed ever since she was pregnant, decided to keep her baby, being a single parent because unfortunately, Greg (Christian Cooke) had a sudden job at Ibiza. She had to put off her dream, had to deal with her new life all alone. She even decided to keep her baby as a secret from Alex because she knew he would stay, he would stay by her side (friendship goal!). Alex moved to Boston, being a medical student, met other girl though his heart stayed in the same person. He asked to be Katie's (Rosie's daughter) godfather. 

Alex and Rosie at the airport
Rosie met other guy - an unnamed police officer, then back with Greg, started to put her life together, being a Mom and wife. Had a family. At that time, it felt like they were going to last. On the other side, Alex met a gorgeous girl, Sally (Tamsin Egerton), moved in with her, even expected a baby - later on we knew her girlfriend was cheating on him with the artist named Herb. Rosie divorced with Greg because he cheated, Alex moved out and met his then girlfriend, a supermodel named Bethany (Suki Waterhouse). They kept missing and missing each other points. At that time, it felt like an end for them.  

I think this picture sums up the whole Alex-Rosie relationship

Although the ending was predictable, but I really enjoyed the journey to the end. The phrase "everything happens for a reason" and "Love happens unexpectedly" seemed true in this movie. That time when Rosie was already moving on, finally had her dream came true, Alex came back. Honestly, I love the ending! It summed up their stories, their friendship and their feelings. This movie made you believe that anything is possible and that one should never give up on hope.

Thanks for reading! Xx

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