Friday, May 13, 2016


Hello, everyone! 

In this post, I'd like to share my typical day in my life. Personally, I can say my life is kinda boring but great in so many ways. Here's a peek through a post of my life. I wrote it on Wednesday, April 27th, the day of Captain America: Civil War premiere in Indonesia. Hope you enjoy this post :)

just put something funny on my alarm note ;)

5.30 a.m. 
It's time to wake up! I spend a good 30 minutes on your phone, checking those social medias, reading news, whatever. You know the drill - instagram, twitter, snapchat, tumblr, pinterest. I like to check them all. I'm on my period so I didn't take Subuh pray, but if I do, I'll wake up around 5.

6 a.m. 
Make my bed. I always make my bed every single day because first, I hate messy bedroom. Second, it's good to start off your day. While making my bed and cleaning up my room, I like to listen to music.

7 a.m.
My favourite time of the day: breakfast! I cook my own breakfast, usually simple ones like oatmeal/granola with skimmed milk, sandwich, or scramble eggs. I also like to drink a tea or warm lemon water. Today, I make something fun. Banana ice cream with granola on top as topping!

8 a.m.
Workout! I always love to workout at home by watching YouTube because it's easier and personally, I think it's more effective. I do zumba, HIIT workout, cardio, or yoga. I switch everyday so I don't get bored. I also working out at least 30 minutes everyday, never longer than an hour thou. 

9. 30 a.m.
Hop in the shower. My shower routine is very basic. I shave my legs and armpits two or three times a week. My current favourite shampoo and conditioner are Pantene Total Damage Hair, my shower gel is from The Body Shop and my toothpaste is Colgate

10.30 a.m. 
Getting ready - get dressed, doing my makeup. I usually go for natural makeup look. I go with flawless skin - foundation and concealer - brows, a bit of blush, a bit of eyeshadow on my crease, sometimes I put eyeliner but mostly bare eyes, mascara and lipstick. 

12 p.m. 
Pick up my sister. We're going for sisters day out! 

1.30 p.m. 
Lunch time! We have lunch at Pizza E Birra. We order pizza and some chicken sticks. For some reasons, we're not really hungry. Maybe because we're too excited for CACW!

4.30 p.m. 
We love dessert. We try a dessert place called Sumoboo, the one we haven't try yet until now and order the mixed pudding with mixed fruits. Well, not so bad! It's refreshing, just kinda boring fruit selection.

5 p.m. 
FINALLY! It's Captain America: Civil War premiere here in Indonesia. I'm so excited!! We've been waiting for a year and months now! All of my family members are addicted to movies but unfortunately my parents can't join us! We're watching at CGVBlitz.

8 p.m. 
Dinner! After all the feelings we've been through during CACW, we're finally get us some food for our tummies. We have dinner at Zenbu, a Japanese restaurant. I order Salmon fry and my sister order chicken donburi. This time, we're really hungry!

10 p.m. 
Pick up one of my favourite beverages at Starbucks! Tonight I decided to pick hot Chai Tea Latte because tonight is surprisingly very cold! We also pick up a hot chocolate for my baby sis.

10.20 p.m.
It's time to go home! I don't drive this time, my driver picks us up instead. We're listening to spotify playlist on our way back home. Thank God, there's no traffic!

11 p.m. 
I change my clothes into my comfiest pyjama, take off my makeup, brush my teeth and getting myself comfortable on the bed with my computer, watching vlogs - my favourite vlogger is Fleur de Force (her vlog channel is FleurDeVlog) and waiting myself to fall asleep.

And... that's it. That's a peek on one of my days. It usually ends on 10 or 11 pm (that's my bed time) but if I have terrible insomnia, it's later than that.

Thanks for reading! Xx. 

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