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The 5th Wave is an AWESOME sci-fi read!  

I’ve always been interested in aliens, and who isn’t? It’s scary to imagine contact with other another species, especially one that might be inimical. There are million theories about what will happen and what they’ll want. But, I think that if there are aliens out there, Rick Yancey’s vision may not be so far from the truth. Everything is logical and explained, which makes it all the more terrifying!

I wish I read this book SOONER! 
The plot is brilliant! Perfectly paced and really smart. It alternates between suspense, action and character development. You never know what’s going to happen next and are continually blown away by each new expansion. It gets inside your head in a paranoia inducing way. Reading the 5th Wave is a little like watching a lion chase it’s prey. You want to look and you don’t. You want to keep reading because you are hooked but don’t because you’re afraid something bad will happen to a character you like.

The mood of the book is dark and fearful. The characters can trust no one and know that the chances of them surviving the night are slim. These emotions are portrayed so well, you experience what the characters go through while reading. It elevates the book from being any other dystopian to a story that is real and tangible. It’s not just a story about an alien attack, it’s a first-hand account. It’s about the fine line between trust and betrayal, about what it means to survive and live another day – physically and mentally.

Speaking of characters, there are two of my favourite characters in this book. Basically, I love all of the characters because they are so multi-dimensional and strong. All kinds of relationships are explored in the story: friendships, romances, families and partnerships. But these two, they're like caught me off guard! Cassie Sullivan and Ben Parish. They both lead characters and also somehow related to each other by Cassie's younger brother, Sammy.

The reason why I love Cassie is because she's trying to be strong as best as she could but she's also realise she's only a 16 year old girl. She's very realistic for me. It's hard to imagine to live by your own, try your best to save your one and only family member left, with all your nescience and confusion.

And my love for Ben Parish is as much as I love this book. His character is developing so well. One of the best characters in any fictions I've ever read. He's school athlete, incredibly handsome, but also has a soft heart when it comes to his fear. Again, he is so real. None would be very weak or very strong in this world. We have both, weakness and strength.

The alternating POV’s enhanced the story and helped to paint the bigger picture. Instead of just learning about the experiences of one character, you get to see how different people coped with the disaster. The only thing about the book that bothered me was that in a world were so many people have died, it seemed a little fortuitous that certain characters survive. But, there wouldn’t be a story otherwise so I can’t complain. 

This book would be perfect as a movie! There’s minimal advanced technology. There’s a mothership in the sky, and these drone liked eyes. This book is more about living in a world where you can’t trust anyone. There’s a lot of deception and fighting for survival. There’s moment where Cassie has to make hard choices. There’s also romance, but not too much. There’s a lot of military stuff, if you like that.

If you guys didn't know, the 5th wave will be on screen on January 29th2016! Chloe Moretz will play Cassie, Nick Robinson will play Ben - he's the perfect Ben! That's how I imagine the Ben-You-Were-Some-Kind-of-Serious-Gorgeous-Parish So far I like the casts except for one, the guy who play Evan, sorry:(


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