Saturday, June 27, 2015


As I get older, I realise that my fashion style, makeup and nail polish are change. I used to love super bright colour like shocking pink or metallic nail polishes but now, I prefer to use basic and classic colour such as nude colour.

I'm not a big fan of pale nail polish because my skin is so pale so I need something to add some colour but now, my nail polish stash barely touched. I prefer to use classic french manicure or O.P.I tickle my france-y, or going with classic red but then I get bored and it finally came to decision to try out nude colour. 

I found this beautiful girl, Revlon Nail Enamel in Elegant. This is such a beautiful nude colour but what makes it even more beautiful is, it doesn't make my skin look paler but fresh and healthy.

The formula is thicker than I thought it would be. I only use two coats and the colour is already pop, to make it shinier, I use the top coat. I think this is the perfect shade for people with pale skin like I do. And also, it applies very easy! 

One thing that I don't really like is it dry longer than other Revlon's nail polish. But it doesn't matter, because for me, to apply nail polish we need to have enough time to achieve perfect result. My tips, to make nail polish dry faster, soak your fingers into cold water for about 3 or 4 minutes long. Not only faster but also, it prevent your nail polish chip.

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