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Before I start to share my thoughts about Ant-Man, I want to apologise (again!) my posts are going to be really late this month :( I know I'm so behind of these but life happens. As you guys know, I'm in the middle of working on my undergraduate thesis and it's stressing me out! Even think about it, I want to puke already :((

Between my busyness and the temptation of going on vacation with my family, I managed to go to theatre with my sisters and my Mom. We weren't sure what to watch. As big fans of Marvel movies, we all have same doubt about this movie. 

First, because none of us read the comic, we clearly don't know the story, not even a small part of it. Second, we once read some people judged this movie (before the movie came out) and they were pretty bad. They said, "This movie is going to be bad... bla...bla...bla..." and from those opinions, none seemed excited about this movie and I was like, "Why? What's wrong?" and my sister said, "They want Black Widow movie instead of Ant-Man".

Well, fair enough. Everyone adores Black Widow and wants her movie. Obviously ;) 

But well, we never judge something from people's opinions. We bought the tickets and waited for about 20 minutes before we entered the 4DX-3D theatre. 

HELLO, ANT-MAN or should I call, ANTmazing? ;)

It does start off slow but people have to remember, this is the first movie to many more interacting movies of the Marvel franchise. The writers have to start the story from the very beginning so we know how Scott Lang became Ant-Man. The same happened for Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and many others. All of these superhero's had their "introduction" movies as well. Most of the introduction movies are slow to start or boring for some people. 

It's best to go in with no expectations, as we did and just enjoy the movie!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a roll and Ant-Man is no different. Again, the film features all you could ask for in a movie: comedy, action, cool effects and talented performances (a.k.a good looking actors with good acting skills). 

The comedy in this film hits off right at the start and it goes on on and on there were times when the theater roar into laughter because they did the comedy very clever to make it not forced but actually funny smart humor went into the movie. I honestly really enjoy throughout the movie with a lot of amounts of usual Marvel comedy.

The effects are very impressive! You can't help but be amazed by the effects and what makes Ant-Man work is that they balance them out very well! It surprised me how ants could be this scary and funny at the same time! 

The action scenes are awesome and very creative use of stunts and well thought out fights. The cast did a very good job with the performances of their characters some you can feel for it gives you that connection of you can relate to those characters which not offer times you will see in movies often and the cast really did that good of a job. Choosing Paul Rudd for Marvel movie such a clever move. He got all Marvel's casts type. He's handsome, cool middle age guy, and also has a great sense of humour. 

The story does a very good job to hold your interesting through out while It is good to have knowledge on the history Ant-Man. I really can't wait to see Ant-Man joins the Avengers! That will be very cool, right?

Is Ant-Man worth the price of a movie ticket? YES. Marvel just shows that anything is possible and don't trust people's opinions unless you see it yourself.

Trust me if you love movies especially Marvel movies, you'll love this one and you should put this on your list of movies to see in theaters it is very good entertainment and you won't be disappointed at all that you saw this movie.

With cool action, great humor, very good effects and talented performances from the cast you can't go wrong with Ant-Man trust me it is worth seeing :) 

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