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Grew up with parents who love movies, Jurassic Park franchise was a part of my childhood things. Until now, we still have VCDs and Laser Discs, those are still safe in our movie collection shelf. I was so familiar with dinosaurs and even have the miniatures which now belongs to my nephew. 

When I heard about the newest movie from the franchise, I was more than excited! I watched the first teaser trailer year ago (yes, what a freaking teaser!) and totally knew that this movie will be in my 2015 movie list.

Stepping into a cinema to watch Jurassic World is like stepping into an amusement park, full of excitement yet anxiety! 

Here are thoughts that I had while I finally sat on 4DX-3D cinema to enjoy the ride to Jurassic World ;) 

22 years after the first movie, they bring us back to Isla Nublar with new park which full of technology and of course, qualified people. This whole new Jurassic World is very interesting! Part of me was hoping this park was real! hey, I know you did too! For the first 10 minutes of movie, they showed us what the new park looks like. How people can fully enjoy the park such as they can hug the baby dinosaurs even children can take a ride. The most exciting ride is the Gyrosphere! How cool is that? 

Stunning CGI visuals have once more brought the prehistoric monsters to life, animated beautifully to parade about the park. While not as realistic in terms of textures as the animatronic cousins from the 90's, this reviewer was impressed at the detail they put into making Jurassic World pop off the screen. You've seen most of the magic unfold already on the trailers, but trust me that there is still plenty of sights to behold on the big screen. Seeing the Mosasaur leap out of the water, or watching the terrifying Indominus Rex storm across the fields, the terror you felt back in the day returns with it. When combined with the special effects and sound editing, the scenes are even more thrilling and immersive, so much that you forget you are even watching a movie!

Not only the CGI, but also the sounds effects are terrifying! The dinosaurs sound super eerie and it makes the movie more realistic to our eyes. I didn't see the movie at IMAX theatre but at 4DX-3D cinema and holy crap, I even hold my breath throughout the scene when Owen hid from Indominus Rex under the jeep! 

There are plenty of tributes paid in Jurassic World that had me smiling in delight. It's obvious the design team went back to the roots to craft this adventure and managed to pull some of the best qualities such as locations, kills, and plot elements, and put a new twist on them. Most of the twists often have are involve action, exciting moments when our heroes struggle to survive. Jurassic World is certainly not boring or slow, with almost the entire two hours thrilling in some aspect. Camera work is stable, all details captured to maximize the carnage and chaos of the digital images while also capturing the emotions of our group.

The plot itself is mesmerising for me. Maybe yes, it is quite predictable but what makes it is not boring whatsoever is because the actors portray their character very well! The main actors, Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, they convince us how terrifying 'their experience' in the movie. For some reasons, I felt so emotional during the movie. I was so happy to be back to the park, so scared that there's a highly intelligent dinosaur chasing 'us', so sad that Indominus Rex kills almost every dinosaur at park including Brontosaurus and even we saw their last breath! I never thought dinosaurs can make me cry! 

Overall, I'm deeply in love with this movie! I can say this movie 5 times better than the sequels! Psssttt! I think IMDB needs more rating than 10! Well, just saying! 

You know my history, when I love one movie, I can go back to theatre and watch it again and again. This month with all the busyness I have, I already four times hit the theatre to ride back to Isla Nublar ;) 

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