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This is my second review for this weeks and that's pretty impressive for me, since I was really busy last months, so this is a payback.

22 JUMP STREET baby!!!!!! I'm so excited and couldn't help myself to wait for a week to make this review because you guys need to know how I feel about this hilarious movie! 

If you like the first movie, 21 Jump Street, then you definitely enjoyed the sequel as much as I do. Sony posted the official trailer like months ago and we had an expectation how this movie would be like and TA DA... they didn't disappointed you otherwise, they made you laugh until you felt your abdominal muscles tensed. This second movie way more hilarious than the first one! 


Feel free to close your tab if you haven't watch because I probably spoil things you don't want to know ;) 
Welcome back to Jump Street!!

Going from where the first movie left off, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) were back to Jump Street which was moving across the street, guess whaaaaaat... you're right! It's 22 Jump Street - according to Jenko, it's a Vietnamese's church and they made a joke about the church and Jesus like the first one and I found it really funny, no offense :) 

The movie is a bit too long but it's so well written, so there's almost no parts that slow down the movie. There's a lot of funny jokes, although maybe too many gay jokes some could get offended. The plot is good and not too predictable. Never change the winning formula perhaps the best choice to continue this sequel. 22 Jump Street is pretty much the same movie as it's predecessor. The storyline itself has some similarity from previous installment, if in 21 Jump Street they were undercover at high school to find drug dealer, while this time they go undercover as college student. I really like Jillian Bell's character, Mercedes, she's super annoying roommate, her 'old people' jokes were ridiculous! but then she turned to be a dealer and... yeah, we never thought that girl who hates Schmidt so much was actually the person they need to investigate. OH don't forget Capt Dickson's (Ice Cube) face when he found his daughter was Schmidt's girlfriend. OMG I can't stop laughing!!!! 

I didn't think it's possible for a sequel to be better than the original - hey, we all have bad experience with sequels, right?- especially a comedy sequel, but this movie proved me wrong. I absolutely loved 21 Jump street, can we talk about Dave Franco please? -  but this one was better and funnier. I've never laughed that much in the theatre before!! 

I think we can all agree that the success of this movie is depends on the chemistry between the main actors, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. There’s a level of comfort zone between the two, where you feel as if these two will do absolutely anything for one another. 22 Jump Street succeeds because Channing Tatum is an absolutely perfect bromosapien, and Jonah Hill’s overly feminine playfulness creates a jealous tension like that of an ex lover. I mean, come one you guys, what’s funnier than Hill and Tatum talking about being in an open investigation? This movie was all about bromance which I found it pretty gay - I swear I'm not homophobic - even in the open investigation part, I thought they're fall in love with each other! OMG, I'm so sorry but I read a fan fiction and that's about gay relationship in a boy band but the story is really good!!!

One thing that I really hate about this movie... I need more DAVE FRANCO!

I hope you enjoy the movie! <3

"Do we look older or does everyone in college look like babies?"


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