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I definitely enjoyed the book (I haven't read Insurgent and Allegiant) although some people said that this trilogy is a The Hunger Games wannabe and a bit Twilight romance (duh!), the revolt? yes I couldn't agree more, but I can say that I prefer Divergent because its stronger characters and their motivations than THG. Veronica Roth describes each character amazingly.

In both books, the main character is a 16 year old teen living in the worst conditions who faces against the worst tasks and must learn to defend the lives of those she loves before her own. These girls are recklessly fearless and stubbornly driven, willing to give up everything in brave acts of selflessness. Yes, Katniss Everdeen and Beatrice Prior might be a little too similar.

One of the reasons I love this book is fictional character called Four. He shows honorable traits and was incredibly easy to love. He's a gentle hero. I enjoyed the slow build-up to his relationship with Tris, and the fact the he wasn't quick to fall all over her. Their romance was sweet. 
I loved the deeper meaning generated throughout this story: how these human virtues are singled out and thoroughly defined. We are shown the impact and power of these values combined. Although this book represents a dystopian world, for me, there are universal truths to be found within its pages. Many parts are very well-written and in addition, the dystopian aspect of playing with the sectors’ elements of human nature-ignorance, fear, aggression, dishonesty, and selfishness-is easy to appreciate because those virtues are familiar to the world today.


As a book lover and movie addict, I came in with high expectation for this movie directed by Neil Burger with an amazing casts on it. This is Shailene Woodley's first experience to be in this kind of character - and we all agree that she is an amazing actress proven in The Descendants and The Spectacular Now. They also have Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, Ray Stevenson, Maggie Q and other good actors. 

I liked the movie, but I must say I expected more than this. I understand that all book-to-movie adaptations make it difficult to fit in all the elements and are not perfect. It's impossible to portray the book word for word. But , this movie supposed to be potential not being fulfilled, it's good but just not to the point that it's amazing.

I was really disappointed with a couple of scenes, I felt like they took away an important part of the story by changing or omitting them, all the relationships were really poorly portrayed, so I'm wondering how the non-readers understood all the connections.

There was no Tris and Peter's competition. It sort of made Tris just pretty average because it wasn't like she was in the Top 10 or Top 5, and it sort of beat Peter's purpose of targeting her in the first place. The movie didn't make it seem like she's the biggest threat to Peter at all. There was no focus on how vital Dauntless training is and no desperation to survive the training like there was in the book. You saw the rankings change, but the intensity in the fights and the will to survive was never built up.

The movie was way too focused on the romance of Tris and Four, but still, there's no intensity between them,  it's just... boom! Four softens up to Tris way too easily. He's supposed to be edgy and guarded. Four seems unfazed by his fear landscape. This scene is so critical in the book, it's the first time we are supposed to see how vulnerable Four really is.

And the CGI was terrible. It's awful and surprised me! Summit, hello? 

Although I have some critics for this movie, I didn't slammed the movie. Like I said, it's good but not amazing. 

It's pretty entertaining. The acting was great, no doubt for this. I think Shailene played Tris well, she showed a bit fragile but brave Tris. Theo James as Four? WOW. He's the exactly what I imagined as Four despite we obviously can see the age difference between Theo and Shailene, but I think that's fine, they have great chemistry, right?

I feel bad for Caleb because even he's not the main character but I think he should has a strong character, he's the one who Tris trusted and I don't think Ansel Elgort is not the right one. I don't know why but I didn't feel Caleb-ness on him. Sorry, just saying.

Over all, this movie was nice. The second book, Insurgent, is on pre-production, hopefully they will make better than this. 

"I am Divergent."

much love <3


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