Saturday, May 25, 2019


This is the kind of bag that I quickly grab before I walk out of my room to do some errands or even hanging out. It is a leather satchel from Fossil. I love the colour, it goes with every outfit that I wear and also came with handles and long straps too! I find this is the perfect size for me to carry all of my belongings, not too small, not too big. 

The things that I carry in this bag literally saved my life in so many days. I used to always have so many things in the bag - well, I probably still, but now I only carry things that I need the most throughout the days. 

Let's take a look at what's inside!

The first thing I always make sure that I have with me is my wallet. In this wallet, I have my ID, my debit and credit card, and of course some cash. When I lived in Australia, I barely had cash but now I am back to Indonesia, I need cash. So, I always make sure to withdraw some before I go somewhere else. 

The next thing that is pretty important for me is my phone. I try to not relying on my phone so much now, but again, when I'm out and about, I need to call some people and how else am I gonna call them without my phone? 

Then I also bring a small pouch that filled in with my compact powder, lip balm, and lipstick. The powder that I have right now is the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+poreless pressed powder. This stuff is amazing for touch up. In where I live, it's very humid during the day and of course, the humidity makes my skin oily especially in the t-zone. And for lip balm, this has been my all time favourite, it's the Caudalie lip balm. As for lipstick, I always change around but for most of the days, my go-to lipsticks are either MAC Brick O-La or Lancome L'absolu Lacquer Gloss (although I bring along Lancome Matte Shaker too!). 

I also bring a small notebook and a pen, just in case I get an idea for my thesis (yes, I'm working on my thesis now), blog post, poem, or even like writing prompts. I like to write the ideas down instead of typing on the phone. I believe with motoric reaction, it helps me to remember and more satisfying.

The next thing that I like to carry with me is a fragrance. Instead of bringing a big bottle, I use the roller ball perfume because it's easy to use everywhere and it's so small and light. Currently, I'm obsessed with Victoria Secret's Angel Only roller perfumer.

I'm a germ freak so I always have a hand sanitizer on my bag. To go along with that - because sanitize your hand too often can make your hands dry, I always carry a hand cream too. I'm currently obsessed with L'occitane Lavande Hand Cream. It smells so relaxing. I also bring wipes, just in case.

Because I'm drinking and eating out a lot (and I looooove bubble tea!!) I bring my own stainless steel straws. One small change in our routine will make such a huge impact on our earth, right? :) 
If I know I'm going to be out for a long time, I will bring a portable charger and a chord. My phone runs out the battery so quick so I have to be ready for the worst case scenario. 

Last but not least, I like to bring my camera. I love capturing moments, flowers, and clouds. I've been practising photography more serious now because I like when I take my own pictures for my blog. Practise makes perfect, right?

I believe that's pretty much what I always have from day to day. What's your must-have thing on your bag? 

Love, Vera


  1. You should keep what you need. I always keep my laptop with me when I go somewher for travel or business trip. So I think your post will work as a reminder for the people who forget everything.


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