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I don't know where to begin.

I have watched the movie seven times and every viewing felt like the first time. Avengers: Endgame is the culmination of eleven years or 22 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Within 3 hours, this movie expected to answer every question we had for the past eleven years or so. 

Before I talk about the movie, I just want to say how grateful I am for MCU. I have always been a fan in my entire life either to a musician, to a poet, to an actor, to an actress, to the director, to everyone basically. I always show how much I adore something, show how those things affect my life, and show people how those things mean to my life. But, I have never, ever, feel so alive for the past eleven years just to wait from one movie to another, analyze and build up my own thoughts and theories. MCU made me feel something different. Even when people where I live said that I'm too old to show how crazy I am over this thing.

Avengers: Endgame literally fulfils my dreams and my wishes. This movie is like fan service, a reward for fans loyalty after all these years. 

I didn't know it was possible to feel as if a movie was trying to physically rip you in half.

The best way I can share my thoughts on this movie is to divide into general thoughts and characters. I hope you can bear with me, this is going to be a long ass review.

Alright, shall we begin?

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General thoughts 

Endgame starts intensely without a warning. Picked up after the events on Infinity War (2018) with its own quietness. In only a few seconds and myself already emotional. What we see at the beginning of the movie is basically the trailer with more narrative and depth. By the time we realise that we know that this movie created by intelligence people. As a longtime fan, I realised that all the time I invested in the previous 21 movies is definitely worth. 

This movie is so close to being a perfect ending for the saga. Marvel knows how to deliver an ending to an epic superhero franchise. I was expecting action packages like Infinity War but Endgame plays more in emotional and deeper connection with the loyal fans. Instead of bringing only teamwork - a standpoint of Avengers this whole time, Endgame brings out the best of the original six. This is their final. This is their party with help from allies. The Decimation is a slap to their faces. They considered it as their failure among other things such as unable to protect their loved ones. 

The writers (Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely) and directors (Anthony and Joe Russo) are the most important people behind this 3 hours-long movie. They are successful to create more human - more down to earth superheroes. Like I always said, Marvel always creates their superheroes imperfect and their villains flawless. In this movie specifically, we can see even the God of Thunder, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) suffering from self-doubt. He blamed himself for everything just happened. Back from 22 days up in the space, Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) also battle PTSD. How Steve (Chris Evans) and Nat (Scarlett Johansson) lose all hopes and optimism, and Clint (Jeremy Renner) who now became an assassin for more or less 5 years.

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Everyone suffers. Everyone loses their hopes. Everyone just kinda accepts that some people are gone. Until Scott (Paul Rudd) came back from the quantum realm. Yes, this movie is more brilliant than it needed to be! The way Scott came back is just a pure smart comedy, a rat accidentally step up on the machine and turned it back. How else do you want it to be? A smart person figured out that the ugly brown van is not a usual ugly van but a portal to the quantum realm? Nope. It was too delusional.

Science and fiction are a combination of heaven for movie lovers like myself. The quantum physics and time travel theories that so many fans read for the past year finally proved with such a careful and sophisticated way with usual Marvel jokes to balance. Even when I knew this movie will at least have five lines of jokes, I did not expect that Endgame will bring past and comic references. Do you remember when all Marvel fans were going nuts because there's new comic released and there's one line from Cap said 'Hail Hydra.'. This movie brings that out as a disguise in order to get Loki's sceptre. I think it's so clever! 

Admit it, Avengers: Endgame is a time-travel motion picture. Or should I call it time-heist instead? 

The ending of this movie probably the best ending I've ever seen in a movie. So many things going on but not even in the slightest I feel overwhelmed. From the powerful trio - Iron Man, Thor and Captain America trying to beat Thanos with whatever left, to Captain America slash Steve gives us loud gasp with him being worthy and beat Thanos with Mjolnir without a doubt! I promised you, I've never scream that loud in a theatre. Everybody does scream. None stay silent when they witness that scene. That time when Cap punches Thanos and it was a full-screen scene, we can see their surroundings, is a literally comic reference. 

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In that scene, I like Thor was like "I knew it!". He did not feel jealous at all, he's so happy and proud of himself because in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2014), Cap almost lifted the mighty hammer and Thor saw that. In his mind, he knew that one day Steve will be able to lift the hammer.

The final battle is one of the best cinematic battles I've ever seen. I cried so much especially when the golden circles start to come up and everyone shows up. It gives me chills! And then Cap stands up tall and proud with Mjolnir in one hand and the remaining shield in the other, he finally said the words "Avengers, assemble!". Oh. My. God!

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It is a huge battle with hundreds of heroes fighting alongside the Avengers and hundreds of Thanos' troops. It is a colossal battle. There we go, I said it. Everyone fights, punches, bring everything they have. The female superheroes are also glowing in this fight. Strong, beautiful, and fierce. I love how Marvel makes male and female superheroes are equal. They fight side by side, they show how both male and female have equal powers and weakness. 

It's a beautiful sequence to see both male and female superheroes are fighting side by side, helping each other without feeling superior to one another. Isn't it satisfying to see that superheroes are not defined by genders?

The other day, I read one tweet complained about how imbalance it felt like on the epic battle, too many characters with only a few minutes of screen times. Here's the thing, darling, this final battle is the original six' fight. This is why we see Cap's best power which is his heart worthy of Mjolnir power in this movie. Why we see self-sacrifices from Nat and Tony. Why we see Thor was so desperate to beat Thanos. Why we see Clint's dark side and Banner's self-acceptance. Just like previous Avengers movies, this is the same. What makes it different is in this movie, they need as many help as possible. They need allies. Endgame is so loyal to its main characters and that's why it is so good.

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I'll also think that this movie is even better for the fact that the good people die well not in the hand of the enemies. I cried, of course. It feels like I'm growing up watching this movie and losing two of my favourites are so painful to watch. However, at some point, that is their destiny. Tony Stark/Iron Man is our first male superhero, so does Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow as the first female superhero. They have grown so much. They have evolved and be their best selves at this point. 

Avengers: Endgame is so close to being perfect. It has everything that every fan wanted. A three-hour runtime of good use, a genuine roller coaster of emotions, a truly satisfying ending to the infinity saga. Endgame is a blessing for Marvel fans. 

The Original Six 
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Endgame is such a beautiful ending for the original six. They fight together, they lost together just like Steve said. The characters development of these people is the most beautiful I've seen in the movie franchise. 

Steve has finally been able to own the Mjolnir power, he is worthy of it. The power he always deserves, the fight he deserves. He is more than just the serum and the shield. He embodies a true hero - strength, mind, and heart. Those true powers are the reason why he is worthy. Mjolnir is one of Odin's (Anthony Hopkins) personal weapons and it is very powerful. But also a medium for someone who holds it to embrace their power. Like in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), when Hela (Cate Blanchett) broke the hammer into pieces, Thor didn't lose his power. He is the God of Thunder, the lighting is already inside of him. Steve is not a God of Thunder, he is a human with a good heart so I believe that's why he can lift the hammer and call the thunder. 

He also has one last chance to save his own reality - his Peggy. He went back and fixed his life. He already lost everything at that certain time until he met Peggy, someone who always believe in him even when he can't. That's the ending he deserved. He always does everything for everyone but him. There's also a moment where he fights himself (his future/past self) and that was really great! And the part he's checking himself, yes sir. That is indeed America's ass. 

Tony who was once a self-centred now willing to sacrifice himself to save the world. Like he said, he got his second chance. He has a wife and daughter. He's willing to do whatever it takes to save them and he did. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) said before he vanished, there's only one chance to beat Thanos. At first Tony did not understand what Strange meant but when Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) their only hope to beat Thanos has beaten up by a power stone, which is stronger than her, Tony realised there's only one thing to finish it up. 

As we see, when Thanos wore the gauntlet and every power from the stone ran into his body, he was in great pain. He was struggling to lift his hand and did the snap. It happened to Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) too when he reversed the snap. He was in pain. Then why Tony seems able to hold the pain? It is because Thanos and Hulk already have their own power within. Bruce clearly said that he's full of gamma radiation. That's why he's very strong and basically can't be killed. Thanos is a warlord, he is a high-degree mutant that has quite a list of powers. Their own power or strength fighting the infinity powers before the body willingly accept the great powers from the stones. While Tony is just a human. His power comes from his mind and suit, he doesn't have superpower within so that's why when he wears the gauntlet, his body willingly accepts the powers without battling it. 

Nat's self-sacrifice is without a doubt the best development we have. I'm not saying that I am happy to see my favourite character dies, but she came from a heartless assassin to become someone who sacrifices herself for others. That's her superpower - her heart. She was hard to guess, even Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was fooled. None can read her, not even Clint. Her relationship with people is definitely one of the hardest things in her life. It is so hard to trust someone. Started with Clint who supposed to kill her in Budapest, but instead, he saved her life. Then Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who became a father figure for her. Someone who she always trusts. And then Steve, who's willing to put his life on the edge to save her life. From those people, she learnt how to trust. From those people, she learnt to trust herself too. She's very clever, she knew those guys are good people and why did they trust her if she wasn't a good person? Those people had faith in her, believed that she's a good person too. And years being in the family, she's slowly opening up about herself, her weakness, her beliefs. 

It's not an easy thing to do for someone like Nat. Now that she has this belief that her family will do something right if they get all the stones, there's no other way to get the soul stone. Clint has already saved her life once, he gave her second chance to be a good person and now her return to save Clint's life. It's truly beautiful. Although I was hoping to see her fight in the final battle I'm not mad this is her ending. 

Thor shows the different side of him - more human I'd say. He is a demigod for sure. He used to win every battle he had but not this one. He feels like a failure. He lost everything - his home, his people, his hammer, his best friend, and his stepbrother. Getting his power back meant a lot to him because he's dying to kill Thanos with his hands. But no, he didn't go for the head. 

He is in a lot of emotional pain. The destiny as protector of the realm feels like a burden. Even after he went for the head, the pain doesn't go away. The pain feels even more real. So he's being alcoholic to get over with it. He moved to the New Asgard which is T√łnsberg, Norway where Odin's worshippers lived (or used to live) which also the place where Odin passed away. 

What I like about this movie, when Thor gets himself together, he did not change. He still has this beer belly, the long-messy beard and greasy hair. His appearance didn't change. And it feels more real to see him like that. You don't have to own a muscular, well-building body to be a hero. You don't have to be perfect all the time. The emotional side of him that he's showing through the movie is also important. The scene when he talked to his mum, something that I believe Thor never did before. 

In the last scene, we see he joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and calls them Asgardians. I'm not sure if he's going to be in Volume 3 or not, but if so, does Chris Hemsworth has more contract in the future? It's not possible to only sign for one movie only. If he doesn't, where does he go? Surely, we deserve a decent explanation.

Clint is that one guy who's always good. He's always been being so real - accepting he is only human when fighting aliens, running out of the arrow on the battle, and got shot that it almost ended his life. Dude is always real and funny. But not in this movie. His family vanished behind his ear. He has this personal problem with Thanos. All this year he tried to keep his family away from the city, out of reach just to make them save but Thanos did that. He's no longer the good guy Clint, he is a deadly assassin who's running around from one country to another to kill people just to satisfy his anger. 

When Nat sacrifices herself, it's also a big punch for him. They always have this beautiful platonic relationship. They always have each other's back. Nat is the only one who trusts him even when he's under Loki's control. Clint always trusts Nat's gut even when they're on the different side of the ally. Losing his children, his wife, and Nat really is a motivation to kill Thanos. He has this faith in the other Avengers to bring back everyone home. When he heard his wife's voice again on the phone, it means the world for him not until Thanos attacks Avengers Headquarters. He does everything to make the gauntlet save. 

I know this is something Clint always does, he's always been a good guy. But the emotional pain that Thanos put him through, just like how it ruins Thor's life, make them willing to do everything to kill that mad titan. Clint does whatever he can to fight the troops. 

Bruce fight is always with himself. He considered Hulk as a disease until he realised that this is his second chance. He put the brain and the brawn together and being Professor Hulk now. He can control himself now, not always angry. Self-control is something Bruce learnt over the years.  Self-acceptance? Not really. 

In every Avengers movie, they try to make Hulk more entertaining to watch. I don't think we will get his stand-alone movie, that's just too boring to remake again and again. In the first Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bruce still Bruce, and Hulk still Hulk. Then he never returned to be Bruce in Thor: Ragnarok but talking Hulk. Then in Infinity War, he's struggling to change to be Hulk even when he needed. Create something different for the character is necessary especially to keep him in line with the story. 

I'm not sure what the future holds for the MCU, I guess we'll find out soon. Endgame promises a fresh start for the universe. That being said, I truly, deeply grateful for this movie. Thank you, Avengers. 

Love, Vera

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