Sunday, November 04, 2018


Tell me something, boy. Aren't you tired trying to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore?

I have no words to describe how beautiful this movie is. Everything is just... brilliant! I never watched the original movie so I didn't know what to expect, not even knowing the story. Ever since I saw the trailer for the first time and cried, of course, because of the song and the gorgeousness of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga together in one screen. 

I watched this movie twice. The first time, I had a movie companion and I wasn't crying as bad as I thought I would be. But the second time, I went by myself and I was devastated. I mean, I knew what's going to happen but it felt like the first time I saw everything and even more hurtful to watch. I have no clue why I was like that, why I was okay when I watched with someone but then cried my eyeballs out - had to wipe those mascara from under my eyes. Silly Vera! 

I must say, A Star is Born is a beautiful heartbreak. The romance, the characters' story, the ups and downs, the soundtrack, everything is tearing me apart. Every single thing in this musical movie is helping one another to build one beautiful story. From the beginning, the film pulls us into the story with a loud music and beautiful singing voice from Bradley Cooper who portrayed Jackson, an amazing singer who is also a severe alcoholic. The romance begins when Jackson meets Ally (Lady Gaga) at a gay bar. And the story goes on and on, with an interesting plot line. This is the type of movie with a story that's relatively easy to follow, I would say the storyline is unpretentious but is very meaningful and powerful.

Bradley Cooper is one of the best actors on the planet and here, I saw his best performance in a movie and not only for acting and singing but also he has considerable talent in directing a movie. For some people, he's just a funny guy from The Hangover (2009) but for the past couple of years, he chose the movies that show his talent. If he keeps continuing to make movies like this in the right momentum and depth, I'm sure he'll be one of the good directors.

Lady Gaga, who I think is amazingly talented and one of the best singers in our era, she is magnificent in the film. Obviously, we have seen her acting in American Horror Story and she was great, but in this movie, she is something else. Ally is not a character that like Lady Gaga who is always unique - strange even. Ally is an ordinary girl with extraordinary talent, a character that I've never expected from Gaga. No offence. Her performance in both acting and singing in this movie is extraordinary. 

Talking about the soundtrack, I've never found an album that made specifically for a movie with this kind of depth. Shallow is one of the greatest original songs ever in a movie history. The original soundtrack does not only give us a moment to remember from the movie but also a backstory and more meaning to the scenes. The first time Ally and Jack sing this song on the stage, my heart is thumping! Dear Lord, if that's not the most beautiful singing moment I don't know what is. The last scene (and the ending) is also both beautiful and heartbreaking. That is not what I expected, nobody does. It's like the ending of Call Me by Your Name (2017) all over again! It broke my heart into pieces. 

I highly recommend this movie for everyone. Especially for people who are just like me, struggle to believe in themselves and find a faith to follow their dreams. This movie seriously has filled my heart with faith in myself and everyone I love. 

Ps: Don't forget to bring tissue!

Love, Vera

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