Wednesday, July 26, 2017


For the past two months, I've been playing around with new beauty products - some of them work really well and I love it which ended up on my go to basket, some of them are just okay and some of them are not working for me. They might be worked on other people. 

Here are products that I'm currently loving... 

Tarte Limitless Lippies Tarteist Creamy Lip Paint in Mani and Perf - you guys know my lip color selection right? Like I can't get enough with these range of color. Mani is my current day time lip color and Perf is my night time. They're subtle, pigmented and long lasting! I also find it very easy to use because the applicator is small, so it can reach my inner part of my lips without touching my teeth or my skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette - oh dear God, I feel so dumb to not buying this palette since beginning. So beautiful, so pigmented, so perfect! Ah! My favorite colors are tempera (I used as my base color and to highlight my brow bone), vermeer (such a beautiful shimmery pale pink for inner corners and also to highlight brow bone and the bridge of the nose), primavera (gorgeous gold shimmery color! love to put it all over my lids, make my eye color pop), raw sienna (my perfect transition shade) and warm taupe (for more darker outer v of my eyes). I haven't tried every color in this palette, but so far, this is the only palette that I'm reach when I get ready.

Etude House Zero Sebum Loose Powder - I use it to set my under eyes and it works amazing! The powder is very white but when you apply and blend, it disappears. It has no color on it, so you don't to have worry about it adding color on foundation. I like to apply using powder brush instead of pad that comes with. This powder is also works as dry shampoo! What a win-win ;)

St. Ives Apricot Scrub - what a life changing product! Ever since I use this scrub two and half months ago, my skin is seriously getting better. No more whiteheads, no more little bumps (like texture on my skin) and also it makes my skin even more radiant and glowing!

Secret Key Natural Daily Pure Sun Cream SPF 50+ - I used to wear prescription sun screen from my dermatologist, I don't use other prescription from her, I went dermatologist because of my dermatitis and also asked for sun screen. My skin is very sensitive and I had bad experience with  drugstore sun screen. Until my friend came to my house, we had a little beauty chit-chat and suggested to try this product. At first I was afraid, but she convinced me that Secret Key only use natural ingredients (most of Korean beauty products do). So I gave it a try there months ago and so far, I didn't have any problem. Instead, I feel more comfortable adding sun screen on my morning skin care routine. This sun screen also work as primer, leaving my skin feels very smooth and glowing.

What beauty products you've been loving right now? Let me know! Thanks for reading xx

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