Saturday, December 19, 2015


After around 4 years of study at Indonesia University of Education, I finally graduated as a bachelor of education yipppieeeeee!!!! 

I passed my undergraduate thesis examination on August 27th, and officially got my bachelor degree yesterday, December 16th, to say yesterday wasn't one of the best days of my life would be such a vast understatement. 

I'm so blessed, surround with people who cherish me the most, support me through everything, and share the love I always need. I would never graduated without them. I would never be able to finish my study without their support, their love. I'm the luckiest person in entire world to have these amazing people in life. I can't thank them enough! 

Here are some of my favourite moments from my graduation. Fast forward to 5 years from now, I'll be happy to look back to this post. I'm positive my feelings are going to be same as I am feeling right now.

hi! it's me!
my parents
my whole world in one picture
my brother and his family
my gramps
quarter of Kantaatmadja
half of my cousins
Fantastic Four!
Rofi the 16
Yola the 18
Petra the 19
half of 8cm - favourite ABG ;)

This is only the beginning of my ways to pursue my dreams. all my can'ts turn to be cap, all my dreams turn to be plans. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Thanks for everyone who keep supporting me and have faith in me. good luck to everyone who still on their ways to achieve their bachelor degrees. 

Yours Truly, 


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  1. aku baru tahu loh kalo pey punya kakak laki-laki XD by the way, congratulations yaaaa!! <333


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