Thursday, December 31, 2015


It's almost 2016! It is actually D-1 yayyyy!!!! Time flies so fast I can't even remember what happened in the year of 2015! A lot of things happened for me, turned out to be one of the best years on my life. I'm so ready for the great year ahead! I'm ready for 2016! 

I always have new year resolutions. Believe it or not, I try so hard to get them done. Honestly, I haven't get them done in every new year resolutions, but at least, every year it gets better and better and I think, the most important thing is not how many resolutions you achieved but how you do it, what lessons you get from those path to achieve your resolutions, what memories you can keep forever, which resolution you find most challenging

By years and years I write down my own resolutions, here are my ways to make resolutions. If I follow these following tips, my way to achieve it also more open or at least, I can get through the challenging path. 

  1. Write down all of your goals. This is more like a harsh sketch before you draw something. It doesn't have to be in order, just write them all. 
  2. After you finish, read every single one carefully and ask yourself, are your goals realistic? are those make you better person? is this what you really want? is that YOU? remember, all of your goals must reflect your real dreams, your true self and most importantly, be realistic. You can't expect yourself to do something that's not really you and not even realistic! 
  3. Be more specific about your goals. Don't write "workout more" but more specific about what kind of workout you want to do more, like "do cardio workout at home every twice a week." or "go to yoga class twice a week." 
  4. Develop an action plan for every goal. Write down what you have to do or if it needed, do some research and make some note. For example, your goal is "start eating healthier" then what you have to do: cut out junk food, drink less sugar, say not to soft drink, eat more fruit and vegetable, change your sweet tea to green tea, start to make your detox water, etc. Remember, you don't have to do everything at once but focus on a few things each day
  5. Write your resolutions gradually from the easiest to more challenging goals. Always start from the beginning, right? This will make you achieve lots of your resolutions. At first maybe you can write "Drink more water" and then second write more challenging. The last thing you write is your most challenging new year resolution. 
  6. Don't write it on number! Even you write it gradually, you shouldn't put the number before your resolutions. Instead, draw a small box so you can draw a check after you achieve your goal. It's more satisfying, right? and also, always write or mark the calendar on every day you achieve or at least make something positive about it. Trust me, it motivates you more! 
  7. If it's possible, make a realistic timeline to stay on track! Not every resolution must have deadline, but if your resolution has something to do with learn something like "get IELTS score at least 7." that's possible to write the deadline. Personally, I think deadline somehow motivated us to do more. Deadline turns wishes into goals
  8. Don't type your list of resolution but WRITE it. Writing helps us to remember more than typing. 
  9. Put your list in a place where you can always see it every day, better, every time. I usually place my list near my vanity or on schedule board. If you don't want anyone see it, you can place it on your daily journal (if you have any) or behind the door, or maybe on the ceiling. Wherever you want ;) 
  10. Reward yourself every time you achieve one of your goals. Don't expect perfection but see how far you get there! That's why you deserve something special as a reward. I usually treat myself something easy but still delightful such as shopping. Every goal I achieved, I reward myself one dress or one makeup product or if I achieve more challenging goal, I reward myself more than one and it usually more expensive. Or even if it's not shopping, I always reward myself. There's a beautiful feeling when you achieve something and you get something in return. 
  11. Write every journey to achieve your goals on your daily journal if you have any or if you don't, I think you should start it. In the end of the year when you achieve mostly of your goals, or maybe all of them, you have something to read back, to remember. It also helps you to visualise about "how's your life change?", "how does it feel to accomplish it? It's all very satisfying to do!

Always remember to work hard and you're half way there! Stay true to yourself and do the best you can do. Your sky, your limit! 



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