Saturday, February 28, 2015


February is my birthday month. I just celebrated my 23rd birthday on 17th and it was both blessing and joyful. I'm surrounded by good and lovely people and I'm blessed to have them as mine in my daily existence.

However, people also love this month because of Valentine's Day and to be honest, I don't celebrate it. For me, personally, every day is the same day. Show some love everyday is not a harm. So why wait for a fourteenth day in February to show love? But, well, it's just me. I'm just saying :) 

This month, my mood is kinda colourful. I feel so happy and sad at the same time and few weeks ago got me really bad but thank God, I got over it and feel happy again. So, in this happy mood, I listen to the songs that make me happy, precious, and feeling loved.

What's your favourite songs this month? 

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