Friday, February 27, 2015


I watched the movie trailer around September or October last year (with the title: Welcome to Yesterday) and I was like, "That movie is better be good!" and I was like waiting for forever because it kept saying coming soon. Literally, me and my sis were so excited for this movie. 

When it finally arrived at the cinema in earlier February, me and my sis went in hurry with excitement. We're just like being so tremendously happy after got our tickets in hand. But really, it isn't necessary. It's just a movie. You know us. We love movies. So, yeah... 

Time travel is always fascinating! I love Sci-Fi movies - basically, all movies. The whole idea about changing destiny and the possible effects of doing really invite me in. And I'm in. Oh yeah, if I was one of those girls - I would change my lifestyle and life healthier. What the possible effects from that? ;) 

The storyline is an okay for me, but it would be better if they explained why David's Dad hide it in the basement and what was going on when he's on the phone at David's 7th birthday? When in the cinema, I was thinking that maybe his Dad was our biggest clue about this Project Almanac, not just 'he made the Project Almanac'. I thought he had bigger role for this movie but he wasn't. Somethings are not clear enough for me, such as the lottery stuff. It was completely stupid for me, I meant, people would never screw up the number if they knew the numbers, right? But well, I don't know, I never buy lottery before so I honestly have no idea how it works. So, to me, the story is quiet entertaining. It's really cool but it'll be cooler and better if they explained some things. 

The casts are okay for me. To be honest, I don't any of them but somehow I like them in this movie particularly. It makes me feel like I watch the reality, like they're not actors but real high school students and the movie feels so real. So glad that the casting team chose them. The acting is good, not the best but not bad either. 

It's only one thing that bother me, the hand camera. I wish they didn't use hand camera because to be honest, it got me headache. I was okay with the flash and other effects but hand camera for this kind of movie, really, it's a bad choice. My head got really dizzy and for some scenes - especially on 'jump' scenes, it hurt my eyes. It would be okay if they only used hand camera when David meant to record his experiments but not the whole movie. We kept losing some important things because we kept closing our eyes from the effect. It wasn't okay for me. I wanted to enjoy the movie well.

I don't know about other people, but for me, this movie made me think further. That I have to do something with my own life because we can't go back to yesterday and fix that. Even if someday, someone really builds time machine and it works, I won't do that. I don't want to fix my past, I want to create my future. What about you? What will you do if you have a chance to use time machine? Will you fix your past? 


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