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I must admit that I read the book 2 or 3 months before the movie released. When I know there'll be a new movie adapted from a novel and people been crazy about this book since 2 years ago, I feel the need to read it first the watch the movie later. So, here's my thoughts about both of book and movie :)


This is probably one of the hardest reviews to write because starting half way - when the story really starts, when things get going - is where we begin to get twists that completely change the whole story. 

I can say, however, that this book both mesmerized me, making me a huge fan of Gillian Flynn, and at the same time I want it to burn in fire. I'm being completely honest! This book shouldn't be exist but CRAP!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Flynn loves words too much and playing with metaphors. The story alone is not what makes this book so entertaining. It’s the writing and the observations. Yes, you need to use your brain more and more in every page. 

Amy and Nick are both truly awful people. They both are the baddest bitches! I was horrified at their psycho coldness. They’re both so self-centered and self-absorbed. They both are insane!! I would never want to meet either of them in real life. The way they screw with each other is brilliant. This book starts out as a mystery, and then turns into a suspenseful game. The ending then takes an even different turn. 

The first part is portrayed Nick and Amy's perfect marriage. They love each other and everything is all going great until one day Nick gets home to a wrecked living room, and a missing wife. The first half of the book concentrates mostly on this fact. Amy is missing. We get a lot of investigation while we learn what kind of life they were living. We also get plenty of intel into their lives, established mostly through Amy's perspective which consists of diary entries starting years before, leading up to the present day. Both perspectives are so twisted. It was fascinating and so incredibly well done, also extremely realistic for the average couple. It's fantastically interesting to get both motives, both reactions to the same thing. You get to be inside each characters' heads until you understand both of them, but then, who do you trust?

The second part is filled with secrets and lies when you see everything running in a much different direction than you're expecting. Things come at you suddenly, and completely changes the way you look at characters more than once. I was so torn most of the time, not really knowing whose side I was on anymore. I was on wanting to believe one thing but not knowing if it was only wishful thinking. The thought and planning that went into creating such a complex tale. My head was banging at every turn for what would happen next, but surprisingly, I enjoyed it! It is a very long book and some parts I found slow moving and a bit boring, but I greatly enjoyed every minute of it. The writing is rich and so... powerful, yet elegant. Except maybe the ending. Don't get me wrong, though, the ending is heartbreaking, realistic, but hell it WILL PISS YOU OFF!

A masterfully written tale of love, lies, and betrayal. I highly recommend this book for fans of thrillers, mysteries, and all around fucked up shit. I never thought that I'll be in the 'thrillers & mysteries lover' gang. I never thought I will be the one but now I'm the one. Thanks Gillian Flynn!


I read the book and could not wait 'till the movie came out. For the next few months I watched trailer for the movie and was even more excited for the movie to come out. In fact, while I was reading the book, I thought,"How could someone make a movie from this book?" Gone Girl does not read like screenplay. 

We have to applaud Gillian Flynn, after wrote an incredibly great novel, she also the screenplay write for this movie and you know what? That's perfect!

David Fincher is a master when it comes to the thriller genre. As a lover of the novel, I have to say the movie not only stays true to its material, but also enhances the mood through the lighting and shadow techniques. He cuts through scenes but the beautiful cinematography makes the cuts even more great. His yellow-sepia to black and white contrasts are breathtaking. Without any dialogue, you could follow the film completely by color and lighting alone. 

I believe Ben Affleck was perfect for the male lead. And though I'd seen Rosamund Pike in only a few other movies, I though she was great as the wife. And the rest of the cast was great, too. Seriously, no doubt! I really love Neil Patrick Harris in this movie and all his movie thou. What? I'm a fan!

Overall, this movie has a lot of pressure forced upon itself, and it delivers on all it's promises. It also makes you think twice before getting married. Right, think twice. Do you really know your partner? 

After months of waiting to see this, I was as pleased as I'd hoped I'd be. If you read the book, you must see the movie. Even when you haven't read the book, you must see the movie then read the book. Whatever it is, both are crazy and a must! 


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