Sunday, April 27, 2014


I watched Locke on last friday with my sister after I finished tutoring Kim Hyeong Soo, a Korean student who study Indonesian language on my campus. Actually, we got the tickets for free. My sister lucky enough to win a twitter quiz from Cinemags & Jive Movies. Who doesn't like free movie tickets anyway? 

After picked up the tickets at Cinemags Office, we headed to Blitzmegaplex (Paris Van Java) and I got really excited because I love Tom Hardy!!! and the fact that he played a one man show performance like Ryan Reynolds on Buried made me more excited. I think, being the single actor on a movie is really hard. Of course the movie maker added phone call or flash back, but, it's just an addendum. 

Ivan Locke is a construction manager on the biggest foundation-laying exercise in Europe. He jumps into his car at the end of his shift and, as he drives, makes and receives a series of phone calls in which we understand why he isn't going home tonight. Through his own doing, his world implodes. He knows this and he understands the consequences, but he has a journey to make, both literal and metaphorical, and he's determined to make it no matter what (I'm not gonna spoil anything thou).

Locke is a brave film-making that more or less saved by the director's brilliant idea and an emotional one-man-show performance. Actually the conflict in Locke is a daily mistake that could happen to anybody. That's so cheesy and I could sleep if it wasn't Tom who played Ivan. Seriously, I had a high expectation when I watched the trailer, but it's a bit disappointed. It didn't reach the point of being a great one man show performance movie compared to Buried which was more intense and got that - holy crap what was really happened - feeling.

Perhaps what makes this movie worth to see was the way Steven Knight directed it with minimalist concept and smart script which magically keep audience interested seeing a man talking to his relatives on the phone - and snot - while driving car. 

I think Tom Hardy succeeded to carry the whole scenes alone. He proved his ability as a talented actor and hopefully int the future, this pushes him not to choose cheesy & safe role. Although at first his accent - I'm not sure what accent it was, but it isn't British, maybe Welch? I'm not sure - a bit weird and I couldn't hear his words properly, but it got better on the next scenes. 

Locke is not bad at all, but to be honest, I don't like the story. It's too cheap and too TV movie


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