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"What does Amy call you?"
"My lord."

Little Women is an adaptation (and also a remake from Armstrong's Little Women 1994) from Louisa May Alcott's masterpiece with the same title. Written and directed by the talented Greta Gerwig, this movie centred in four beautiful March sisters, Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Meg (Emma Watson), Amy (Florence Pugh), and Beth (Eliza Scanlen) who are coming of age during the aftermath of the civil war. They're surrounded by the poverty, hard times to securing work, education, and dealing with a lot of injustice toward women at that time. 

This movie came out in 2019, however, it's not arrived in Indonesia until February 7th. So it's a little bit annoying but it is what it is. It was a long wait but dear God, it's worth every second. Standing applause to Greta Gerwig for successfully bringing back one of the most loved classic movies to the cinema. 

What I love about this movie is how fun and light-hearted it is. This movie obviously has some sad aspects that meant to make you feel and understand what these characters are going through. Women at that time dealing with the status issue, because of all the society cared about was women marrying rich men, got their named and wealth so they could support their family as well. It was, of course, rough, not every woman wanted that kind of life. Some wanted to marry for love, some wanted to pursue their dreams first before making a big decision to marrying someone. That's what happened to the March sisters. They all have dreams, they're trying to make ways but life is not always as smooth as they planned.

Everyone in this movie is great! The cast is an absolute dream. The chemistry between the March sisters is undeniable. Saoirse Ronan is once again delivered a beautiful work, as well as Timothe√© Chalamet as Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence who became the centre of affection for some March girls. Laura Dern as Marmee is also beautiful, and also Meryl Streep as Aunt March. Every character compliments each other. I'm so in love with everyone here. 

The cinematography in this movie is also really pretty. The colour palette coordinates with the costume and makeup really good, as well as the setting. It's time periodically accurate. Which reminds me of how the 1994 version did. There are some scenes that are really pretty and visually pleasing such as the dance scene, the wedding, and the painting scene is definitely my favourites.

My only complaint about this movie is how the timeline switches so fast and at some point it kinda blurry where we are, is it the present or the past. It keeps going back and forth like that. You can tell by how the hairstyle and the colour palette but again, sometimes it is too similar and it takes a second for you to realise where the movie is. 

Overall, this movie is truly a beautiful work of art. It plays with your emotions, at times it is a heartwarming Chrismas movie with all the warmth, goodness and kindness, the true meaning of a celebration. But, there are other times that make you hard to breathe because it's devastating and cold. 

What do you think about this movie? 

Love, Vera

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