Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Tom Odell's twitter

I've been a big fan of Tom Odell since his first album came out. I heard him the first time on V channel back in 2013. I was falling in love to Another Love immediately. It was a beautiful and very poetic song. Love love love his songs so much, really looking forward to see him performing live!! 

I love every song he made, but here are my top 10 Tom Odell's song from his first album to his latest. Enjoy x 

  1. Another Love 
  2. Can't Pretend
  3. Heal
  4. Go Tell Her Now (Acoustic)
  5. Grow Old with Me
  6. If You Wanna Love Somebody 
  7. Jubilee Road
  8. Magnetised
  9. Sparrow
  10. Queen of Diamonds 

Love, Vera

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