Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Eastern Beach, Geelong, Victoria

Hey, 2019! I have so many great lessons that hopefully can make me a better person in this new chance. I don't have complicated new year resolutions this year, just something so simple and relatively easy to do. I believe I started this year very well. I hope you're good to me '19! 
Let's begin with New Year's Eve. I went to Flagstaff Gardens and celebrated New Year with my best friends, Rika and Thomas.

Went to the cinema with Lianna to watch Mary Poppins Return.

Farewell dinner with my two mentors, Bu Rumble and Bu Lundie at Hawker Hall.

Went to Craigieburn and stay a night at Teh Ebin's house.

Day Out with Ben. We had brunch at Kitty Burns in Abbotsford and we also went to Marvel Stadium because I really want to go! 

Went to Geelong to catch up with Rika and Thomas. We had brunch at Raj's then went to Eastern Beach. Rika and I rode the Ferris wheel. I love Ferris wheel! After that, we went to the Botanical Gardens and had a cuppa at the Teahouse. 

How do you start your 2019?

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