Monday, December 24, 2018


This has been an emotional week for me because I've finished my job as a language assistant. I had farewells at two schools where I worked, said goodbyes to the students and staffs. I wasn't ready. I'm not. I wish I had another year. 

However, this was a great week to celebrate the ending of my work here. Even better on the weekend because I've been caught up with some people that I really want to catch up with, went to places I've been meaning to visit and more than that, made me happy!

So, this weekend, on Saturday morning I cleaned up my room - organised it a bit. Then at 11.30 pm, Steph picked me up and we caught up and had lunch at Olivigna. It had been ages ago since Steph and I were catching up. The year just flew by and we didn't realise the last time we worked together was back in May!

We shared our food because both of us want to try the pizza and pasta the restaurant had. We ordered bufalina pizza and scialatielli which is seafood pasta. I don't normally like seafood pasta but gosh, this one was amazing! The ambience of the restaurant was also very nice.

In the evening, we had a movie night. We watched The Incredibles 2 which was fantastic! I've been waiting for nearly 14 years for this movie and it was worth the wait.

On Sunday, I met up with Teh Ebin and her family. Teh Ebin and I had been talking almost whole year but never actually met until yesterday. It was really nice to finally talk in person and shared our stories. So good to catch up with you, Teh!

We had lunch at Mekong, a Vietnamese restaurant in Swanston street. After that, we went to the Federation Square to see the gingerbread exhibition. It was so cool to see some of Melbourne's landmarks miniature was made from gingerbread. One more sleep until Christmas!!

Later in the day, I caught up with Diane at the Arbory Afloat which was a cool floating bar in Yarra river. This place is one of my wishlists. Thanks, Diane for willing to come here with me! For dinner, we went to Chinatown to grab dumplings - our favourite go-to meal if we weren't sure what to get.
It was a great weekend to start off the holiday season! How's your weekend?

Love, Vera


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