Sunday, August 26, 2018


The weekend starts on Friday night, am I right?

Friday... I didn't do much on Friday but it was quite a productive evening. After work, I relaxed with a cup of vanilla chai latte and then had a shower. Later, I cooked dinner - my Aussie parents are away for a golf tour, so I'm all alone! :(

Around 9 pm-ish, I had this strong urge to bake brownies. So I did because why not? It's weekend anyway. While I was cooking, I watched this awful movie about a bunch of longtime friends who made a bachelorette party for one of those girls but it turned out bad because of the prostitute they hired was dead. However, I didn't finish the movie. It's just... awful. So I FaceTime my family instead.

Friday night was an easy night for me. I spent the rest of the night planning for my blog, cleaning up my Spotify playlists because it was a mess and then just after midnight, I went to bed.

Saturday... I was originally planning to go to a workshop but I didn't because I woke up late. So, I cleaned up the house, tidied up my closet and bedside table. Also did some washing, ironing and other domestic things. Then I took shower and got ready for dinner with Ben.

We had dinner at Sak√© Restaurant & Bar which was a very nice and fancy Japanese restaurant. We ordered heaps of food such as wagyu dumplings, sashimi moriawase, chicken karaage, yakitori chicken, steamed prawn dumplings, and also Japanese st.honore for dessert. I didn't take pictures of our food (I wish I did!) only a low-quality picture of the st.honore.

I got home just before midnight, went straight to the bathroom and washed my face, changed into my silk pyjama and then went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of milo. I watched Thor: Ragnarok and once I finished the movie, I went to bed.

Sunday... I was sleeping in, stayed on my bed until 9.30 am-ish. When my tummy started to growl, I forced myself got out of the bed and made myself a toast with a spread of raspberry jam. Around 11.30 am, I went groceries shopping. Nothing much, actually, made lunch, then prepared the meal for dinner, and called my grandparents, wrote this post, and enjoyed the rest of the weekend with ice cream!

How's your weekend?

Love, Vera

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