Friday, March 23, 2018


I am very lucky to have a chance to live in such multicultural and multiracial country, in the world's most liveable city. To say that I did not be forever grateful for this chance would be such a vast understatement. 

Today, I want to share my perspective about why I am proud to belong to this multicultural world on my everyday diversity lens. For short, I want to share my story. 

To start my story, I come from diverse family. My Grandparents had different ethnicity, my Grandpa was Sundanese while my Grandma was Javanese. In terms of culture, they were quite different. Some of my family members are not Muslims, we didn't pray to the same God, didn't go to the same house of worship. Some of them came from different ethicities too such as Betawis, Balinese and Minang. Just because we are different, doesn't mean we can't be family. 

My fiance and I have different ethnicity too. I am Sundanese - Javanese and he is Batak. We've been best friends for nearly 10 years and we cherish our differences. We may different, but we are in love with each other. Just because we come from different ethnicity, doesn't mean we can't get married. 

I have lots of friends who come from different countries. I met them online and what makes us friends? Language. We talk in the same language although English is not our first language. 

It has been two months I live with a very kind family, Australian family. They are very generous, respective and lovely to me. I don't see any different to live with this family or with my family. Mr. and Mrs. Harris are like my parents, they worry about me when things go crazy, we have movie night at least once a week, we cook together. They even celebrated my birthday a month ago! I'll be forever grateful for them. 

It's also has been two months I was given a chance to be a Language Assistant. Yes, I'm teaching Indonesian to Australian students alongside with Australian teachers who are amazing! They are very kind, understanding and helpful to me! It feels like I was given tutors and best friends to accompany me during this whole amazing experience. What makes us friends? Education and language. Yes, I'm not Australian and they're not Indonesian, but we share the same goals: to make students educated and well cultured. 

For me, diversity is like a bouquet, a lot of different flowers make it beautiful. 

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