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Growing up with Disney movies - princesses, animals movies - I become one of those people who believe in fairytale. Yes. You read it right. Knowing that one of my favorite childhood movies became a live action movie, played by some of my favorite actors, I'm very very excited. Fairytales do exist.

I love the original film (1991) still have the VCD, and yes, still watching it until now. For me, there's something about Beauty and the Beast that really taught me to be more than just kind. Belle is nothing like a weak girl. She is a strong, independent woman. She likes to read and has this ability to see something deeper, more than it actually looks.

As a little girl, I thought it was silly to be falling in love with some kind of horrific animal, but growing up as I am more understand and be able to pull the story together, I think there's so many great things to learn about her. She's willing to sacrifice herself for her father, she believes there's kindness inside Beast's heart. 

26 years later... Emma Watson and Dan Stevens became a part of my childhood - well, probably everyone's childhood. I am pleased to say that the casting team did great job! For me, none is better than them to portray those characters. Even Luke Evans, who at first I thought would be too mature-looking and buff to be Gaston turned out to be the best Gaston ever happened. The rest of the casts are good as well: Kevin Kline as Papa, Josh Gad as LeFou, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson and the cute Nathan Mack as Chip, I love everyone in this movie.

Emma portrayed more independent Belle and that's one of those great things about her being Belle. For some reasons, I wouldn't say Belle is part of Disney's princesses because she always thought that she's a young woman who loves to read and travel. As we know, Emma is one of amazing women to look up to this day. She's smart, has a big heart and more than that, her talents are incredible. To have someone as great as Belle, what do you expect?

The chemistry that Emma and Dan have in this movie also a key point on the plot. The love story they have is not love at first sight. It builds slowly from hate each other, to become friends, and then trust each other. In the end, they both realize they're fall for one another. I'm so in love with the chemistry they have. Belle recognized him from his eyes and that's how they learned about each other. Through their eyes! Beast always stares at her eyes whenever they talk, and so does Belle. I really appreciate this manner. I also love in the end of the scene when Belle finally see the Prince, it's very beautiful scene. I'm so touched! Gosh, Dan, I wish you keep that hair! Love it so much!

I love a story that goes from friendship become love story. I think, love is something that has to be built, to be trusted. This movie is very faithful to the original storyline, although there are some changes and additions. It actually add more to the actual plot line and it became one perfect combination. As a huge fan of the original story, I'd like to send my best regards, a huge thank to Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos for making such a beautifully written screenplay. The plot, the lines, everything is just as perfect as it should be. It's also lovely that this movie centered in Beast, not only Belle. We learned so much about both characters.

Also, Bill Condon who is the one who makes such an enchanting movie. Visually, this movie is very gorgeous. This is probably the most beautiful movie I've seen this year. The musical composition, the transition from one scene to another, the special effect they created, such a gorgeous combination. I remember when I watched the first teaser, I knew this movie would be beautiful. Back when I watched Cinderella (2015) and was blown away with how visually beautiful it was, of course I had a high hope for this one too. So, yeah, this movie completed all of my expectations.

Although this movie is insanely beautiful, truthfully following the original story, it has flaws. I feel like the Beast is not scary enough and the fact that now he has big horns, it's kinda weird. I love how Dan Stevens actually there to film every scene (he wore gray CGI suit and stuffs) and even his voice is perfect. Do not forget Dan's signature little smirk, it appears on Beast too! but the final edit is some kind of odd for me. I'm not used to see those big horns in more humanly-looking Beast.

Overall, I love this movie so much! I think this movie worth the wait. We have waited for nearly two years since the first news came out. It is worth my time. I've watched three times and definitely looking forward to see this movie again soon! So, what do you think? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx 

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