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The 5th Wave is a new sci-fi movie directed by J. Blakeson and is based on the novel of the same name by Rick Yancey. I read the book and I love this survival kinda story, so of course, I have expectations for the movie. Indonesia has privilege to premiere this movie on January 15th, far different from US or worldwide premiere. I have no idea why and how but hey, let's talk about the movie! 

I had been excited for this movie for maybe about a year since I heard that one of my favourite YA novels will be on the screen. When the movie finally came out, I went in on the first day with my sister, she also a big fan of the book and man, I'm not disappointed at all!

Story about aliens invasion always interesting for me. Hands, the book is original and well written. Now, the 5th wave came to the big screen, it delivers another great, recommended YA movie to watch!

The acting, action and story line of this movie is amazing! 

If I wrote the book, I wouldn't disappointed, I'd be very happy! Some scenes are slightly different from the book but those are fine to me. It didn't change the original story, it didn't change the characters development and yes, it still amazing to watch. Personally, I like the original version better but I didn't mind with the movie version. Some scenes probably happened too fast and non book readers wouldn't fully understand but I think they're fine with it too. 

The cast is one of important elements in this movie because like I said, the book is so well written. Every character should really close to how the readers imagine them, right? I think, Chloe Moretz as Cassie is a great choice. Cassie is innocent, beautiful, lovable and yet she's strong. Seeing Chloe in If I stay, we see her vulnerable side and yet she's a really bad ass chic in Kick Ass

Another great choices are Nick Robinson as Ben Parish, Zackary Arthur as Sam, Liev Schrieber as Colonel Voschand Maika Monroe as Ringer. They all are important characters on the book!

Nick is exactly how I pictured Ben Parish when I read the book. He's not crazily handsome like Edward Cullen, not ridiculously kind like Peeta, not super tough like Four but he's handsome, charming, kind and tough in his own way. He's star athlete with charming leader personality and beautiful smile and I see all of it in Nick Robinson. As for Sam, I have to say I never see Zack before, but he as Sam is perfect. I can see great chemistry between him and Chloe and that's how Cassie and Sam relationship in the book. Vosch is as believable and total asshole as he is in the book. So does Ringer, her character is just as badass as in the book. 

The rest of the cast is fine to me, some of them are close to the book and some of them are just fine. But one character and yes, this character is pretty important to the story line, Evan Walkers, I think the cast choice for him is a mistake. I didn't see any of Evan's character on Alex Roe. This get me deja vu, same old thing happened when I watched The Fault in Our Stars, when I saw Ansel as Augustus Waters. For me, it's a big NO. Evan is one of my favorite characters because his charm, kindness and his mystery but when I saw the movie, I didn't see anything. I just saw this guy named Alex played a guy named Evan Walkers and nothing happened. In this movie, Evan is just a guy, not important, not memorable. I'm so sorry for Alex's fans out there, but for me, personally, he failed. 

Overall, the movie is great. I wish I can see more of action and less of Cassie-Evan (yes, I really hate him), more of Ben and Cassie (even it's not in the book) and more of this movie. I think they could adapt more from the book but seriously, give this movie a go. Go watch this movie. Perfect for your weekend movie day! 

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