Monday, April 27, 2015


I don't know why they changed the title from Furious 7 to Fast & Furious 7 but well, that's not what I'm going to talk about so don't mind ;) 

We all had to wait 16 months or so before this movie finally came out to theatres because Paul Walker passed away when the movie was still had more than 60 % scenes to shoot. Universal Studio, the director, James Wan, and all the team behind this movie had to work their brain harder than ever either making the classic plot, Bryan O'Conner died in the movie or doing an amazing job in CGI his face. Instead, they did the second option. Cody and Caleb Walker (Paul's brothers) and the double stunts did the rest of Paul's scenes. 

HOLY CRAP!! The movie itself was so darn intense. The story began with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) revenged to Dom's group for making his brother hospitalised. Like all those action movies, the villain seemed untouchable & super duper hard to be killed so was Shaw. I can say that this movie better than the last one but it still has flaws. If you really pay attention to the story (come on, girls, stop staring at Paul's handsome face!) you will notice that there's kind of 'hole' in the middle of movie. It was very understandable because the movie team had to change almost entire plot of movie due to Paul's sudden death.

I don't want to talk about the effect about proof is, the CGI is amazing. You'll hardly notice that it wasn't Paul who played Bryan in half movie. We also can get the 'it is so James Wan' because he likes to levitate the camera angle, am I right? :) 

The chemistry between all of the actors are amazing. I mean, they had been doing this franchise for more than 10 years! So the main idea about 'family comes first' is true. They all like family in real life. Remember how they all had hard time when Paul was dead?

I am myself not entirely sure if this is the last movie or not, but it FEELS like a farewell for me! This movie is tribute for Paul. In the end of the movie, they're so kind to do the Paul's flashback scenes from the first movie and you know what it brought me tears. 

More than that, I'm sure that Paul Walker will be so PROUD to this movie. Rest in Peace, Paul :)

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