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I'm not entirely sure why it came earlier in Indonesia rather than in other countries even in US. Well, guess it is our luck ;) 

As a huge fan of superhero movies, the newest instalment from the Avengers franchise, Avengers: Age of Ultron, beat the shit out of me! Holy molly, this movie was EPIC and it is the best Marvel's movie so far! We all remember how terrible the first Avengers movie was (I'm not kidding, one of those heroes can solve the problem by its own no need all superheroes) and this movie, WOW! Surprisingly good!

Let's be real, I don't like - No, I HATE when people give me spoilers. Now, I also hate when people hate me for spoilers. I warn you, if you haven't watched the movie yet, please do me favour, just close your tab and come back after you see it yourself. Okay? We're good? I think so. 

Little Note: I got so many help to write this review. Thanks to my brothers, Petra, Rofi, Angga and my sister, Vena, for the help! I couldn't do this on my own because holy avengershit, this movie was too hard to explain. Plus, they read the comics. So ;) 

Expectations couldn't have been higher for this mega-sequel. It was actually sky high! I watched the teaser trailer last year (YES, Marvel loves to torture us!!) and it drove me insane but the wait is over and BAM! I left the cinema with a giant smile on my face!

This is exactly the sequel to a great film that we have been dreaming about. It was great on almost every single level. It honestly has no real flaws that I could see at the time when I watched. This movie was full of action set and jokes (I laughed so many times!), and also flawless CGI and great 3D effect! 

Joss Whedon, the director, worked really hard to make a film by assembling all the superheroes in one flick. He did a fantastic job and turned this comic-story into a must-see film.

Age of Ultron threw our heroes into roaring action, drawing us immediately into a surfeit of explosive and visually action extravaganzas that allow every smashing, pounding, flash of beams, flight, and basically everything, assume near-impossible forms of eye-squashing spectacles. It is when all these heroes got together in combat against their enemies, that the movie grasped total domination over the audience's attention, letting the awestruck reception hum along the visual drama as it extends its reach beyond imagination.

Right from the start we kick off with an amazing action scene showing the whole Avengers team taking on the bad guys. I was covered in such nervousness! In fact, they were way way better than the first Avengers because you get to see more of their teamwork. It is exciting to see how they communicate and improvise off of each other's tools and skills.

The talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) was very fascinating, both conceptually and cinematically. The storyline was far enough from the clich√© superhero story or at least, it was way better than the first movie. The script was great and amusing. What I like the most about this movie is there's a great balance within the Avengers. The superiority of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans)Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is perfectly balanced with the more active roles of Black Widow (Scarlett Johanson) and Hawkeye (I would have loved to see more Falcon though).

The chemistry between them was also amazing I can say. Like Hemsworth once said in Comic Con 2014, came back to set was like summer camp. Everybody was sure had fun and we can see it on screen. No longer awkwardness between them especially when they were trying to joke. Remember how terribly awkward it was in Avengers 1? 

They brought new comers, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Wanda's psychic powers are much more complicated and empathetic then I expected them to be. What I love about Wanda is that she physically goes through emotional trauma when she uses certain powers and we as the audience go with her on that emotional journey. Pietro was such a sweet and loving brother. As for Quicksilver, I'm so glad that what Joss did pretty much different with the Quicksilver in X-Men. I wanted to see more about them even thought they both had their own time to shine in this movie. When Quicksilver died, I was like, "WHY?!"
Is it just me or Scarlet and Quicksilver were more like a couple than twins? I was kinda get the romantic way between them. Well, maybe I'm not recovered yet from Godzilla?


One of my favourite characters, Jarvis - well sort of - was given a chance to shine by his own. Not only his robotic - charismatic voice which also accompany us through Iron Man movies and Avengers, but also he (refer to Paul Bettany) was the brain! In this movie, Jarvis turned into Vision (well, not sure yet but the actor was the same person as Jarvis' voice over).


This movie still has flaws. Me and Petra have this some kind of deep conversation about these things...

Ultron (James Spader) was like a super villain. He supposed to be undefeated but for me, in this movie with all the powers from the Avengers and the twins, this Ultron seemed fine. Yes, he was still so hard to beat but I was hoping he was tougher than that because he's undefeated, right? He was like "Yeah, I'm strong and smart and also have great robotic army!" and for some reasons, it didn't make any sense because the Avengers were so strong and got the real power and real team.

Also, I didn't get the part of Vision. I don't understand his presence at all. Is he made from Jarvis and mind stone? or he's pure from mind stone (because he said he wasn't Jarvis or Ultron) and for this, I can't say more because honestly, I don't understand.

If Vision is pure from mind stone, so Tony and Bruce who woke him up? then, where's Jarvis? vanished for no reason?If Vision is made from Jarvis and mind stone, so Tony and Bruce made a demi-God, technically?

I was hoping Wanda and Pietro have more part in this movie because first, they were the triumph of HYDRA experiment. Look at them! in X-Men, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are mutants but in this movie, they were volunteers for HYDRA weird devil experiment and they were success! Scarlet has an ability to manipulate people's mind (telekinesis) and use the hexes (as the mutant Scarlet's power) to destroy things. She was that great! Marvel had been teasing us since last year with the teaser of them, how both of them weird and seemed so hard to beat (and yes, they were) but in this movie, I didn't see that much of their powers.

And... Iron Man was too strong! Even could bring an island (not a real island, I know, but I called it that way) which was going to explode in second and he didn't die, not even losing his power.

Even thou this movie has flaws (well, for me, my sister and my brothers) we all agree that this movie is the best Marvel movie so far especially for the CGI and sound effect, it was definitely flawless! Keep it up, Marv! ;)

PS: sorry for the pictures. I can't find the movie stills because when I wrote this post, the movie hasn't premiere yet. I thought the character poster would be great. 

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