Saturday, March 28, 2015


Back when I was 4 year old little girl, I dreamt about being a Princess but I guess it happened to everybody else. I imagined my home is a castle and I would meet my Prince Charming one day. I always get a beautiful dress like a Princess every year for my birthday until I was 7. It was because my parents knew that I loved being princess-y. 

Since I was a little girl, I always being a girl who loves dress, makeup (I love watching my Mom does her makeup) and every birthday party, I asked my Mom to do my makeup a little bit so I felt like a real princess. Everyone knew that. Even my Dad called me 'Little Princess' until I was 6 and stopped calling me like that after my sister was born because I didn't want to be a 'little princess' anymore, I wanted to be a princess. 

My parents knew my taste really well. I wasn't a little girl who played with kids in her age, played some outdoor games and stuff. I preferred to stay at home, built my own castle, or watched movies. My Dad got me a bunch of Disney's movies and it ended up making me anti social for awhile (but honestly, I regret nothing). 

Cinderella is one of my favourite princesses. Her kindness and big heart taught me to do the same. So glad that Disney brought it back in live action and did a really great job. 

During the movie, I felt like living in my childhood memories once again. Everything is just as beautiful as it should be. 

The plot is rewritten really really well, not entirely same with the original one but really, I don't mind. It's just the same great story. I love how they make the step evil mom in a different devilish way. She still ordered Ella rudely but here, I don't see she's totally evil. She's a bossy bitch, yes, and also envious woman. Two stupid step sisters are also not fully stupid thou. I also love how Ella's parents are really show how much they love her. All I can say is I love this story.  

The casts are a great success. I couldn't picture better Ella than Lily James. Even people are upset because she did an unnecessary diet in order to fit in the dress (I think she would fit anyway without diet) but that's not my point. I honestly don't care about that. What I care is she portrays one of my favourite princesses really really well and I thank her for that and also envy her for that! She's living my childhood dreams for God's sake!

Richard Madden is not the one I pictured the Prince was, but his blue eyes made all make sense. This is not the greatest Cate Blanchett's & Helena Bonham Carter's performances (I think they could be better than this) but really, they are just great. All casts are fine, like I said, this is a great success.

Let's talk about my favourite parts: makeup & costumes. Holy molly! The makeup is awesome!! It's defined but not too much especially when Ella went to the ball, she's looking really great! Cinderella is filled to the brim with fireworks, scenery, and magical spells of light that will make you feel you are in Disney world. I think two of these are the biggest magical strength in this movie. Look at those gorgeous dresses especially Ella's blue dress. Darn Girl, that is exactly what I wanted!! The blue dress is super magical!! I was like "I need that dress in my life!!" during the ball scenes. The wedding dress is also beautiful! Anyhow, are those glass slippers are real? Even if it wasn't, I still want those! They're so beautiful. 

The soundtrack is everything to me! I immediately downloaded it after watched the movie thou. I think it can be the soundtrack of my life. 

Overall, this movie is another perfection brought to your eye balls. Definitely one of my favourite movies in 2015. 


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