Monday, March 30, 2015


I've been waiting this book for so long and finally, the wait is over. To be honest, I didn't know that The Glam Guide came to Indonesia's bookstores nearly in the same day as UK launching because I've been looking in every bookstore's website and the results was nothing. 

Right before I decided to buy online, I went to the Books & Beyond to buy some stationary and notebook, didn't mean to buy book because I just bought some new books, and I saw this beautiful book in the rack. I was so happy! 

The stationary and notebook long forgotten, I brought this book to the cashier and went to the Starbucks because to be honest, I can't wait anymore!

The Glam Guide is the first book written by one of my favourite beauty bloggers/vloggers, Fleur De Force. I've been following her in youTube since 2012 and yes, I love her videos. When I knew she's writing a book, I couldn't be more excited. In videos, she talks about makeup, fashion and lifestyle really well, like a professional. Not only beauty videos, but also, her vlogs are always amazing. Whenever I watch her vlogs, it feels like I watch reality show. 

I know the book is going to be amazing and it's true. Not like other beauty books, which always dictate or forbid you to do something, this book tells you about beauty, fashion and lifestyle based on her point of view and her experiences. She didn't dictate you, but suggest you. That's all I can say. 

When I read, I can hear her reads this book for me. Creepy? LOL. But really, this is SO her. I don't see any differences between her in the video and her in the book. 

Made with a hard paper and with a luxurious embossed finish, the book looks glam, perfectly befitting its title. It looks gorgeous! Definitely the type of book I would proudly display in my living room.

The Glam Guide can be read from start to finish in chronological order to gain an insight into where to start on all aspects of looking and feeling fabulous – from the inside and out. This was the perfect way to read the book because it based on what you need at the moment. However, the best way to approach this book is like a real guide and so flick to the right chapters when you're in need of them. I put masking tapes for every category so it's easier for me to find the chapter I want to read.

Every chapter contains with girly things in educational way. I love how she tells so much about beauty and makes us learn so many things in lovely way. Like I said, I don't feel dictate by this book, I feel like she's my big sister teaches me so many things, tells me so many things about beauty, fashion, lifestyle even youTube world. Some of Fleur's advice is a bit on the obvious side, but for the most part the tips within this book will be very helpful to her readers.

The writing is conversational type. It's easy to get through, but still felt heartfelt. Fleur put so much detail into her book that she couldn't adequately convey through her YouTube channel - she was able to clearly flesh out everything she has learned, and made it accessible for everyone. 

Furthermore, the pictures and illustrations are both stunning and effective at portraying the main idea being talked about on a each category / subject. Each design looks like it was carefully thought out and placed, not just slapped in the book for the appearance. Fleur also takes a wonderful picture, and it was nice to get a glimpse into her daily life with images of her beautiful face, cooking, working out, etc. I also loved the pastel color scheme of the entire book.

I wish this book contains more sections because I crave for more! Good job, Fleur :)

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