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It's been awhile since my last post, I've been distracted by a bunch of family outings, meet up with my friends and stuffs! I swear that's the most tiring weeks in my life but it's really fun! 

I always have my handbag with me during those activities. This handbag is from Stradivarius and I love it! It's a simple black handbag with two pockets with a medium length strap. Believe me, I was really surprise how everything could fit in it. As I try to keep it simple, I still carry so many things.

PS: I try to keep it simple, I swear

  • Lip Products: lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss 

These guys are the key for my look during the day. I usually leave my house after lunch and back to my house about 10 pm and I don't wanna look like tired even I feel so. I always carry lip balm with me, it's the most important lip product either it is tinted or not. Currently, I've been loving Nivea Essential Care it's moisturizing and match with every lipstick that I have. It's not as good as my L'occitane but I can say this product better than The Body Shop just saying. Of course this product is way cheaper so I probably will repurchase this one. Along with this, I bring Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Romantic and NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Natural. I really love this two but not to be combined. This balm stain is purrrrfeeeect! I really love how it gives reddish but simply natural to my natural pink lips. Then for the lip gloss, I use it when I want to add a bit shine on my lips. This color a little bit pale on my lips but I love it when usually I hate nude lips. 

  • Pressed Powder 

I always all about matte when it comes to my skin. I hate the shinny and oily skin even some people say it's dewy but for me, it looks like greasy and totally gross. The key to the all day long matte skin is a powder. I use this Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder in Natural for a long time and I don't feel the need to change. It's very light like you didn't put anything on your skin, not a full covered powder but I really love it. 

  • Hand products: hand cream & hand sanitizer 

These duo are a must have for me. I hate the feeling to dirty and dry hands and they're like my life saver. You guys know I have OCD to moisturizer, right? ;) 

I haven't change my Bath & Body Works Island Margarita pocketbac yet, it's been the fifth or sixth bottle I guess. Yay. I usually get bored so easily but this one is like my most favorite! It smells really fresh and calming and... I LOVE IT! And, whenever I feel the need to moisture my hand, it's time for L'occitane Almond Hand Cream to work! Again, I haven't change because I already fall in love since the first tube! <3 <3

  • Money & Cards 

I hate bring some cash but I sure need this in my life especially when I need to buy something on mini market which in some reasons are weird to use your card :)) So, I carry cash as needed. First, it stops me to buy things that I don't even need. Two, it lessen the risk of loss of money. Simple. 

For the cards that I always bring are of course my ID card, debit card, and sometimes I bring some cool cards like Starbucks card, bookstore member cards in case I go to the mall and there's good books waving at me, Blitz card because me and my friends have no idea when we have mood to watch movie, it usually a sudden duh and hospital card, we have no idea when we need it right especially me, someone who has a problem with her side. 

  • Phones, Portable Power Supply + cables & earPods 

I would never leave my house without my phones which are iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Bold 9700, who would? I need them to keep in touch with my friends and family and in case for emergency, and also to catch up with social medias and... you know the rest, right? But, those activities took the battery and I HATE when my phones run out the battery. So, to save my phones' life, I carry my Sony Cycle Energy 10.000 mAh Portable Charger plus my iPhone and BB cables. Even though it's pretty heavy - well, it's metal - but it's an essential for me, so yeah, why not. 

  • Digital Camera 

I don't want to lost every moment that I have with my family and friends or maybe whenever I see something nice like scenery or things - mostly flowers, so I always carry my Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera and the type that I have is DSC - H90 which is works perfect for me as a person who has no idea to shoot picture perfectly - read it as I have no talent about photography - but it makes a perfect picture especially at the outdoors. As I read on reviews and what my friends who understand about photography said, this type is really good and the result is almost equivalent to DSLR. Well, I don't fully understand, but my sister does. She actually has big interest to photography and absolutely has talent and she's pretty satisfied with this camera result. 

  • Glasses, Contacts & Eye Drops 

I'm blind without my glasses or contacts on. In about march or april this year, I started to use contacts but still stick to one day contacts from Acuvue to reduce any risks from contacts lens use. Even I have my contacts on, I still carry my Dior Glasses which I forgot the type, it's been almost 2 years I guess, I really love this frame. It perfectly hang in my unique nose ;) 
Oh, and I never forget to bring another pair of contacts and eye drops with me. I don't take a risk for a dry eyes when I have my contacts on. I have Refresh Contacts eye drops and pretty satisfied with the result. It didn't give the feel of a usual eye drops gives like an uncomfortable and watery feels. 

  • Facial Tissue, Cotton, Cotton Pad & Band Aid 

I have no idea why I always get scratches or bruises and I never remember when and how I get them which is really sucks :| That's why I always have a pack of band aid with me along with cotton & cotton pad in case my makeup such as eye liner and mascara smudge. Facial tissue is for everything, I don't have to mention it because we all know what is it for. 

  • Small Mirror 

I do have front camera on my phone but I prefer to choose the real mirror when I have to touch up my lipstick or to check whether my makeup smudge or there's something on my eyes, or yeah something like that. I think, every girl needs to carry a small mirror with them. We never know when we need to check our teeth, especially when we're just finish eat or we use red lipstick. Stain on your teeth is not cool at all. 

  • Candy 

I'm a huge fans of Ricola and this one never leave my bags. This candy is a must for me, at least I eat twice a day. I know candy is not good for teeth but PLEASE this Lemon Mint taste heavenly! Please forgive my wrongness, Dear God. 

Reasons why I love this candy so much because first, it is a Herb Candy which is pretty rare in my country - well, maybe there's a lot out there but it must be hard to get. You can get Ricola in any mini market near you! YAY. Second, sugar free. Third, it is a lemony taste candy with a hint of peppermint in it. I have GERD and I always feel kinda pukey after eat, so something mint and refreshing is a must. Oh, it also contains vitamin C - well, it says so. 

What's in your handbag? :) 


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