Sunday, September 29, 2019


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Let me tell you, this is a psychological, science-fiction movie. It is really hard to follow, and yes, drained me emotionally. I'm actually at an absolute loss for words. I feel like I just went on a sort of a spiritual journey that I can't explain. 

Before I watched this movie, I did not watch the trailer as I normally do. I saw the movie poster and saw Brad Pitt and I'm sold. That's it, I'm going. So I didn't know what's this movie about and I had zero expectation. 

Ad Astra is not a typical science-fiction movie, which usually big things happened in space or tell you how to survive in the space. This is not. So if you expected this movie would be something like space travel, you might hate this movie or just, disappointed. 

I love this movie. I love movies that make me feel something and Ad Astra definitely did. 

This movie focused on a character rather than the action sequences or the science-fiction itself. It shows you the emotional side of an astronaut like what it feels like to be up in the space with zero gravity for more than 60 days? I don't think there's a movie ever tells you about this side. I probably missed it, but I believe this is the first movie that shows us the downside of being an astronaut, their depression and anxiety, their ability to cope up with responsibility and their own lives. It is really tough! 

And that film focus is a credit for Brad Pitt. He is extraordinary in this movie, everything about him is just so great and deep. Personally, this is his best performance. He is brilliant in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) but there's something really different from his performance in this movie, something so special and really touch the audience emotionally.

Ad Astra gives something fresh and unique in the film industry especially when it crafted so beautifully like this one. I can't explain how beautiful the cinematography is. It was one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen in my entire life. From one scene to another is just so smooth, calm, and so relax. I honestly felt like I was on a journey to find peace within myself.

I understand this movie is not for everybody, there are some strange things happened in this movie and they were not quite fit into the movie logic. Ad Astra is not a perfect movie but it is something different in terms of the science-fiction genre. 

Have you watched this movie? If so, what do you think? 

Love, Vera

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